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Inside the Margins

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Safety For All


We talk about the steps that are being taken to try to decrease violence in the city and the COVID Delta varriant is beginging to shut things down. Also, we feature music from BNA, Cratona P, and M Doc Deigo

Marginalized groups can be the target of negative beliefs, behaviors or judgments from others. On this show we seek out marginalized voices and perspectives and tackle some of the conflicts and issues these groups face. Now is the time to have your voice heard. This is inside the margins with your host, Matt Wilson. Well and welcome to another edition of inside the margins. I'm your host, Matt Wilson. Another busy week all, a lot of news happening. Still, Covid is definitely an issue now. Monroe County is now seeing a lot the spike in covid cases and concerns would be getting every beginning to rise once again. What's going to happen with the schools? What's going to happen with just businesses in general? We're going to kind of go over that stuff a little bit later on. Also, Patty. Last week we were going to talk about some anti violence in them, some meetings and stuff like that, and we didn't get to it because we had so much other things going on enough. So we're going to get into that. Actually we're going to start off with that, but before we actually get right into that, let me first introduced. She actually has returned and I think her for it. It's the minority reporters, patty singer, hello and get out here into your Patty one day again. Yeah, we made it. We're still here, Patty. That's what matters. Yes, so, Patty, as I was just saying, we are played. Is Always overflowing. Like I think you said, it was like Thanksgiving and it all. It's almost always like that. So we didn't get a chance to get to all the stuff that we want to talk to talk about last week. So before we get into our new stuff this week, let's go ahead and go back and talk about what we missed. And we were talking about the anti violence, violence meetings that took place. We want to kind of speak on that. So what information can you bring to us in regards to that? Well, it's interesting. So the city had so the losing track of days and weeks. It happens all. It kind of reminds me of buying dairy at the at the supermarket. Right have so by used by best buy? Right? Right? Which which data we on? I hope we were not past the best expression did right, if I so. So, in the past couple weeks, the so the US attorney back and my Gosh, I think it was an early July right, came to Rochester introduce as Viper Task Force, which is a amalgamation of local, state and federal enforcement to target, as they say, they are targeting the the the known, the known offenders for gun violence. Right, they know are out there. They're not doing a sweep of the neighborhood, they're not, as I like to say, they're not catching dolphin in the tuneaette. They're going after the people that they believe are causing disrupting these neighborhood right right life in these neighborhoods and committing this gun violence. So weekly they put out some data on that. They haven't I haven't seen it yet for this week to know, but there were the that is interesting because it looks at the number of people that they have encountered, but not all of those people may be suitable for federal charges. Okay, now this is me. This is me only. This is my opinion. I have said this at a couple news conferences. By the US attorney coming in and doing this Viper Task Force and working with local authorities. I've asked I asked this at a news conference. Is this an end run around bill reform? Very good question. I think I was told. What answer do you think I got? It's not. It's a IT'S A it's an alternative, it's a it's something completely different that separate from that. We have words to that effect. Yeah, okay, fine, just no, it's not. It's not an end run around bill reform. Well then, why is why the feds here? Right? If, if bail reform has been called by local law enforcement, catch and release, yes, people are back, you know, they're getting appearance tickets and and they're not being able to be held for it all for a long enough period of time or things like that. Why else would we have a federal task force right if the state wasn't wasn't handling this right? So I me alone, like I said, I asked the question. You can go to the video. You can hear me asking the question, which is valid question, by the rite, and the answer that I got is no, they're saying this is not an end run around bill reform. That being that, or said the question for you, Patty. So with I just want to make sure, because that one there's the listeners are clear. So with Bailey form, with a lot. What's happening? IFS, if the if listeners won't understand, a lot of people who are being arrested, quote unquote, for four things that are happening our get are given appearance... So they're actually being taken into custody or being held at not being held. Right, they make they made them lay and they may be brought into some central location. Right, there may be some sort of processing that is going on, but they're not. But in the old days they would be. They might be held, they were being arrangement something. Would they be wild over night or for a period of time? Now, often, after, not often, there are times and after processing and which they are given the the appearance ticket, and these are for, you know, non violent crimes. There's a there's a list of them. And but one person's non violent crime to another person. Maybe that's that's kind of where I was going. Right. Right, what's the there's some room. Yeah, I think you knew where I was going with. Yeah, people can differ. Yeah, right, right, but not everyone who is being charged under this Viper Task Force. Not all those cases are subject to federal, federal charges, I guess. Yeah, that's where to put it. And then police had a news conference about that and I asked. They said, so, are all of them going federal? And I'm not a law person. There was the short answer was no and the longer answer was I was not quite sure what answer I got because I'm not an extra added news conference. You can't keep peppering right with with these questions of saying, okay, I'm an idiot. Explain this to me, because then they did these end the news conference, city leaves and yeah, you're standing there looking like an idiot. So anyway, so that's that's the that was one. So make up short story long, during that news conference that was held on the street in the Clarissa Street neighborhood where genuine ridgeway had been shot and killed in front of her children, some of the neighbors, people who live in that area came to the news conference. was outside. Obviously. Was it attractive to people? What's going on? They came. Sure, they asked questions, saying, well, when you're going to really hear from us? We you know, who represents us? WHO's the community you're talking to about how to solve this? So the US attorney set up a meeting which was a couple weeks ago with people to to come and talk about what it is they their concerns, how they feel, what they feel can be useful. Sure I did not cover that. My my colleague cover that week. We had a story on that. People talked about what they what they thought. So yourself was covered in the minority reporter. Are you be found at the mine, at minority par DOTNET, Patty? That what you're saying correct? Correct that minority reporter dot that. So then a couple days later the city held it's the office of neighborhood safety sort of made its public splash debut with its summit violence on summit against violence. Okay, and they brought in gentleman from California who has a program called advanced peace that the city wants to use here. So I always think back to a former colleague of mine who used to say that the farther away something is, the better it looks. Now the city studied this program, because they said they studied this program in California and that numerous conversations about how they can make this work here. I do think there is some I think I think this is a sort of a proprietary programs. I think the city may have to pay to use the maybe some money involved here. I think that's up to the city council decisions upcoming about whether they actually gonna purchase the rights to the program. I don't quote me on that, but I think that's that's something something like that. So you know this. This gentleman, Devon Bogen, explained his program, talked about how it's it uses it sets up sort of mentorship programs with some of people who were known to be repeat offenders and talks to them about you know, what is it? They can help you change your path. So the questions I asked him were about a very dry subject called behavior change. Theory, that's the dryness of it, but in practicality it's what each of us does every day when we want to decide are we going to quit smoking, are we going to change our diet or we going to exercise more? We each of us goes through a behavior change kind of flow chart every time we come back from the doctor's just says to this, don't do that right. Anytime we're presented with something...

...that we have to change, we go through that Calculus. We ignore it completely. We say okay, maybe that's a good idea. I'll do it next week. Maybe we go. You know what the time is now. I really need to do this. Right. Right, right, depending on what you answer, is the pet is based on your is your readiness to change? If you come back and honey, would the doctor say? I don't know. Should have any change? Right, you come back, honey, what the doctor say? You know, she gave me some suggestions for changing dinners couple nights a week. Well, what do you think about that? I don't know. You do the shopping. Where do you think? All right, so maybe right or honey, what the doctor say? You know what? I'm meeting with the Dietitian next week and he set me up. You know, I'm going to do this gym membership thing and you want to come help me. All right, so you can see the difference. Yep, YEP, bad analogy for people who, for whatever reason, are involved in a violent lifestyle. Right, I'm trying not to make a judge being here. For whatever reason, people find themselves or have chosen that path. Right, right, right. I said to this gentleman. I said, individuals in this on this path, you have made some sort of choice to either follow that path or not change from that path. Right, it's not a choice I would make. I don't understand that choice. However, the individuals in this lifestyle are seeing some kind of reward, or they wouldn't still be doing rat or there hasn't been a distance enough of a distancenter. Again the boring topic of behavior change theory. How are you going to get these individuals to change if they're seeing some sort of reward that you and I may not understand, but we're not them. Yeah, right, so are you going to just? Is it just paying them a thousand dollars a month? Is that mentoring? Is it? What is it? You know, it's kind of a few there's a few tactics, strategies that they use in the thing that struck me is he says it can take months and years. Okay, again coming back from the dock. How many times we come back to the doctor? How long is it taking people to a quit smoking, change your diet, get some exercide right, figure your own life. Take a while, right, right. So he's talking about seventy two months. All right, what's that? Divide by twelve. What's that? Six years, potentially, Yep, that'll be we're already in one administration change. This program is the is from this sitting city council, in the sitting mayor. We're going to have new administration coming in and then we talk six years down potentially six years down the road. Couple questions about that. Does Rock Chester have the will mmm to see something through? That could be very long term. There is Rochester have the will to see something through? The could have stops and starts. Yep, all right, so there's a lot. I'm not saying this program. I'm not saying don't try this program, but I'm saying oak INS experience may not be Rochester's experience and Oakland's experience a few years into this program may not be Rochester's and experienced six months into this program. What is going to be built in? When to keep our will to move forward this? That's how we got to measure it. Great Question. I get how we got to do all these things. I don't have a problem with this program but how many programs do we need in this community to stop this? And will this program or however this is implemented, include existing non violent groups, the existing groups that work to non violence, or will those groups feel that they're being pushed aside for this and then we'll be back in the famous Rochester Silos. M I am just asking. Nope, and these are valid, valid questions. I know, because the point of ITC is great, because a lot of people, I don't want to say are tired. That's probably a bad, bad way to phrase it, but don't want to see the violence continue the way it has been as of late. People are kind of at their wits end, if you will, with the violent situation, in the crime situation. So there are people that understand sometimes implementing a new process can take time. However, many people want immediately get results. People want things to the people want change to start happening now. They don't want to wait to see how things play out years down the road.

So you make a valid point, because you're right. I'm with you. I'm not saying this is a bad program either. This very well could be a great program but the problem is you're going to have to wait a pretty decent amount of time to see if it's actually working, whereas right now. I said this before, and if we're going to do ballot better analogies, I'm throw one at your two. Hey, it's so. It's like it's like. It's like football today versus football in the past. In the past football team would get a young quarterback and would develop that quarterback and that quarterback would be there for four or five years before finally that quarterback would be ready to take the reins and be the new quarterback of that team. He's now, he's learned thing's got to learn. He's ready to take that team to the to the next level. Today's football league is you draft a quarterback, you put them in there, you don't get immediate results, you kick them off the team, you get a new quarterback. They don't. They don't wait the five years to develop a quarterback anymore. That's kind of in my opinion. Again, this is my opinion, Patty, that I don't know. I'm this not a fact of anyone else how they think, but my opinion is that's kind of what rochsters like right now. Right now people are that at that point and they don't want to put a quarterback in there and with watch the court to be developed over a time before he's ready to play the game. They want a quarterback to tickets the championship now, and these programs aren't designed to do that. So can we convince the city of Rochester to go back to that way or to have to go to that way of thinking of Hey, you got to give these programs a chance, so you so next year you may not see a difference in the numbers when it comes to crime or whatever, because you still got to let it work. Or if you see the numbers next year and they have an improved they're going to say the the programs at work and we gotta do something else. Well, I think. Okay, so we won't talk about Josh Allen's coul billion dollars. Hoar thinking about that, and I'm not even a football fan. But Anyway, I think about the development of what a bat well done body. So how do you measure? All right, what I think what's inportant. Everybody talks about they love evidence space. Right, how many times you heard we'll have we're going to use an every space approach. Right, what's your evidence? So I think it needs to be really clear. We're going to we're going to use program X Y Z. All right, hmm. We will measure program X Y Z by this, by that, by this, by that and by another. Right, we got five ways we're going to measure this. What we're looking for is we're going to measure within these parameters for each of these measurements. Right, all right. So we're also going to say we're going to measure, I don't quarter be and then in whatever, we're going to give this three years and if we don't see something in three years, then we're going to we're going to need to change how we've implemented this. Right, right, we can't. We can't move what's football? Right, let's we can't keep moving goal posts. Yeah, right, it's a hundred yards. is a hundred yards. Right. If we're starting on our one yard line, we got to go ninety nine yards. Yep, we can't go. When any on yards in one inch to get over into the end zone, we can't. Well, can't say, okay, we get to the fifty yard line and we're done. We win. Fifty Yard Line, we win, unless that's what you're going to say. If we want to reduce by x percent, then what's your end zone and be clear about that and report about that. Yep, and just make sure these numbers are visible to anybody who wants to look and you're not burying them deep in websites and you're up front about this. I mean we wants, every wants evidence, base and accountability. Well, do it right, right. It's taxpayer money involved in this. Yep, do it, Yep. And I think if you are, if you are up front, this is how we're going to measure it. We're going to have hiccups, this is what's going to happen, I think people will give you a little leeway. If you say we're going to bring in this program, it's going to end gun violence, I think that's the wrong thing to say. I with a hundred percent. Hundred, because we will never end gun violence. Yeah, we will never end crime. Nope. What, what are we going to do? Probably this isn't. So what are we going to do about those things that make it this is not the right word, but to make it less? We're going to tolerate it always were good, because we don't, we don't want to do that. But let's get it come realistic. Yeah, right, our community. Right, and we're going to minimize it as much as we possibly can so that this becomes the unusual, not how many people were killed this week? Right, right, and and plus just your so...

...people have a a better overall feeling of their safety when they're in the city. That's that's what that's what it gets down to, right pack we all want, I think we both said it before and many of our episodes. The point is we want everyone, I think everyone wants everyone, to feel safe with in the city. That's the goal, right every so, if you you want to go downtown and you want to see a show or you want to go to a nice little restaurant or cafe down there, you want to feel safe doing that. You don't want to be looking over your shoulder. Refin it's because you think there's an issue and you're right, you're never it's not. It's not going to go away and it's just that's a odd that's impossive, impossible task, but it can. We you can bring it down to a point where it's your you feel safer about being in the city. Right so, some people, some people, don't feel safe because they feel from city residents. Some people who city residents don't feel safe because of the police. Right. So, how do we get everybody to feel so, feel safer, and it's not just a perception that you are safer and that and that our perception of violence or of crime becomes an an outliar. The people who fear the police don't think I all police are about to get me on a traffic stop. Right. That's the road police person who is dealt with severely by his or her department. Right. And a citizen isn't worried about a car jacket. Right. Everybody wants to be safe. People are going to define their safety different way. Yes, so within all those definitions, how do we do that? is a program that was used in Oakland. The Way to do it. We may have to try that, but I really want to see some I really want to see us go into it with some grating for this, not to just say it feels good and we're just going to keep if if we're sending money again outside of our community. Right, yeah, right, you're right. There's got to be. I'm with the under someons. You got to be way to measure it. It's got to be way to see how it is working. I'm with you under percent on that and the and you're right. Everyone, if everyone defines feeling safe differently, you you said everything perfectly. Some people have had issues with police and people have had issues with the city itself. They think it's bad. Got To get to a point where people are looking over their shoulder at police and people aren't looking at word the shoulder at the residence of the city. Everyone should be comfortable whatever they're doing. So one last thing. So yeah, Mike Johnson from Save Rochester black lives matter. He is trying to take an approach as well. He has a meeting scheduled for this week. At schedule, the police chief is supposed to be there, the district attorney is supposed to be there, somebody from the US Attorney's office is supposed to be there. Again, schedules can always change. He he is. His point is he wants to present each of these people with an agenda of what it is that people a plan, not just we stop the violence, but how do you see this happening? So what he's doing he has asked people to submit information which is include a specific problem that someone wants to address, the overview of their solution, how that solution would be implemented and what we just talked about, how you would assess progress or results, actually putting in a measurement key on this. so He's collecting these. The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. You know, who knows what, what can happen. Obviously you're hearing this on on short notice, but obviously this would be you know, I expect media that is going to cover this. He's also limiting he's also limiting the speakers to five. So unlike the US attorneys where people could speak for and that went on for, you know, a couple hours, this is very, very limited amount of time. Right. It's going to probably going to run about an hour or so and you know, I can just imagine people who don't get their proposal heard feeling well, I wasn't heard. But again, we can't do everything. It's hard. But you know, I give this credit because specifics, how would you stop gun violence? Right? What would you do and how would you measure the effectiveness of that? That, I think, is a piece that is very often missing from individuals and from our officials. Yep, I don't think there's a strong enough measurement piece. Everyone always says I want to stop the violence and then when the question is how, that usually is like left blank. And then the other question is, and how do you measure this access of what you're doing? If you have an idea, that question us. is also an...

...answer, and this is this is definitely a good thing. I agree with you. All right, Patty, I'm glad we got a chance to go back to this. I think it's important. There's still some of that we definitely need to continue pursuing in our city to make everyone feel safer. We do have to get into some covid stuff. I want to take a break. We'll talk about that. As everyone is aware, this Delta variant is reaking havoc and communities. The numbers are beginning to spike up at high rates. Now there are changes that are happening. There are more guidelines coming out as to endore masking and schools and all that. So we're going to get into all that after we take a break. I know, Patty, we don't want to talk about cover anymore, but it looks like we don't. We don't have a choice. It's not gonna let it. All right, we'll take a break, will be right back. This is inside God, my wil, but play your hospital, build fire and I have done fine nice. Well, maybe we we play when I fall an old basket, that Abu. Just wait for day. You see what we're sad that we don't trust you. We don't like you at all. I'm rowdy, Grimey is just like a bike in find twisting one hundred and eighty, because I'm a pisces, the school spitty. Spitch your head and you was signings. Check all sides of your soul, like he's some Nikes car cor, don't you gus, just like on French of star, no filter, GNADE, rapid sup we are Matal, tested black a couple my warsco pts here by new screams coming from burning cause on bushes, spitting your face. That's how I'm filling ice. Grilling me for what? Thinking you co signing garbbage it you think it, then that's how F fill it. Part Burston Bone, snap and gost the body. Grim spiking your wife. Now she is ump, your mom, riding this horse just like a docky. I'm cocky. Allah himself cannot stop. Want a hunt it down, tax for you. No more bills. If I don't get it, chainsaw but the head. I'm a bill. You can't get the bill. Shot Down Road, down the hill, put on your chest, filled up rap for my stuff. I wanna hunt it out, tax, create all more bills. If I don't get it, Chasau for the head I'm a bill. You can't get the bill. Shot Down, road, down the hill. Put on your chest, out build the raft. My still, always a serendy and overthrow your fashion. Take your whole click out, Goss attracted. Have the action. Fats cracking, nice, stabbing on the Sun. When I start thrashing, spassing, when I come with you, Better Duck Louisville, slugging with nails. Gonna tell you what. Stay up, stand against us. You get it. Doomsday and off the roll. Close by you off my shoulder blade, streath the low cage. When I go for circle rage. Want to be brave. I tosti Chello, brave, not amaze. What your boss? What your Corny Wag win' going too far. I said what I said. Strike Terror, like Lord said, one of my skill. All I see is red. So you the force when I made truth for being naked, busy, not your average normal. I wanna hunt it out. Tax for you or more bills. If I don't get it, chainsaw for the head of a bill. You can't get the bill. Shot Down, road, down the hill. Put on your chest, still the breath of my still, I wanta hunt it down, tax cree or more bills if I don't get it. CHASAF for the head of a Bi you can't get the bill. Shot down route, down the hill. Put on your chest to the rap, MUS still needle to the record, watch it spinning. Just listen, pm documents. W A three carcalation. How it was giving a chance to win. He division, not separation. But I did did the dance. The rhythms hit me. The soundscape was me. Flip a Poun kid break, make the towel ain't hit and make the crown shape. Pull themlitition before crush rushia holds or bus with brush with death just went left, hush right, on track to touch the sky without why the Belize? Why with the fiasco tribe? But he's been put on the head list to die. Fe Puns that is on the eyes. I look through him all the way pass to the other files. So score my throne. Hops from deep down a side, pursuing accolades from the ones that I think I was doing the same as me, but I'm feeling that is playing the same. We ain't all from the same family tree and that's just faxing. How it's got a bit, and that's just fine. Do you are doing me Cuz there's enough out here for all of us to eat, and that's kate. We ain't off from the same family tree, and that's just fixing how it's got a bit and that's just fine. Doing you are doing me, because there's enough out here for all of us to eat, and that's Kay. Let's go, then, witness of the show. Respect plus money. That's all we came for. Yes, came in the game with stripes like a bank right. receive the beat, like also say, go hit a pump. Basing. Its beacause, like sister, because you turned table of my...

...gamfeedy in is beacause the flow breaks on the track with the teachers he took me to, but the spot. Sometimes you gotta teach. You know how? Me and peep rocky remember this overlost once but didn't make it way to sit the top. So we gotta put on and make the sing hot, watching fly. I can't eat when we drive that we are from the side. What's the tried? Do you know the knowledge? Do you subscribe subside to the underground? Got The whole world under now trying to tell them they're gonna come around off from the same family tree, and that's just fixing how. It's got a bit and that's just fine. Doing you're a doing me Cuz there's enough out here for all of us to eat. A Nest Kay, we ain't off from the same family tree, and that's just fixing how it's got a bit and that's just fine. Do you are doing me, Cuz there's enough out here for all of us to eat. And Ness key. It's the stuff I used to make shots. was also one that stuff this dude. All right, welcome back to inside the margins on. I am here with Patty and Patty telling you the things we got to get back into this patty covids, here again. It well, not here again. It hasn't got anywhere. There's so you know, I'm not much of a movie person, but but when you said that right before the break, it reminded me of the line from the perfect storm M with the fishing. Yeah, were already, yes, yeah, years ago. Right. So they're out there the storm. I guess it must be in the eye of the storm. So there's calm and then the back end of the storm comes over and one of the people on the boat says, it's not going to let us out of the skip. Yeah, and that's that's what I feel was that maybe maybe in the spring, maybe when the vaccines you know, more people was more vaccine available, and and not everybody, obviously, but people started to take vaccine. That may have been the eye of the storm. That the calm. Yeah, this is the hurricane in your eye. That's that's the calm. Yep. And now we've got the back wave of that hurricane. Yeah, slamming into US and Lammy get to US too. Yeah, it's slamming it to us. Patty Hey, real quick before we jump all the way into our topic. You mentioned it and the minor reaper as well. The ARIOC is going to be a vaccination stite. That actually starts today. So there are Arioc is right downtown Rochester. I know it's right across from the from the building that I work at down there. So yeah, another another point of access to people who are looking to get back to the are the Oreo see right downtown Rochester. If you're looking for another location. Right, that moved up from the dome. So this is it's not right at the you know, bus station, but it is what a couple blocks away. Right. Yeah, it right right Earth. Or if you're downtown for other businesses, not very far from the library. Yep, if you if you're there, if you're at Manhattan Martin Luther King Junior Park, Yep, right right over there. You know that and that whole area. Now I don't know the hours. You're going to have to check on the hours they are. But it is much easier for people who frequent downtown, you know that that's their base of operations there day suburbs, to to go and sec it's right across from the King Park. Yep. So that that's that's that's good. That's good news. So let's now let's get into our not so good news. So the Delta variant Patty is definitely an issue for pretty much all communities. They're still there. Still are a couple of counties in the thinger lakes who are still not ask ver. They're still kind of in that moderate area, but much of the finger lakes area now is hitting the red. There right on that for percent. You know what's the white losing the phrasing get the positive rate. They thank you cheese. Okay, oldly just hit me. Patty almost going on. But yes, the positivity, the positivity rate as right as now, right around four percent. I know, for example, some of the day cares that my kids are going to. Three percent was the threshold and they were still they were still even letting it go a little above that. But now that we're at for are they were real reinstating the mask mandates, you're limiting access points to were were parents can walk through the building. They can, they have to drop their... off now at the office. They can't walk the hallways. Everyone's required to wear a mask now. A lot of stores are going back to that where everyone's got to wear masks indoors. Schools now are wondering what's going to happen. Everyone was pretty much expecting most schools have a somewhat normal school season this year. Masks, mask may have been a requirement, but everything else they thought was going to be back to normal. Looks like that may not be the case. Some schools are already initiating changes and some some schools are just a waiting to see what happens. New York states now we'shuing new guidelines for schools and regards to sports and stuff like that. So Patty here we go. School is only a Wan a week or two away. Are Tea right, September eight form for most of the for the city. Yep, September eight. Yep, and this wave is hitting right ass parents were just getting ready to get their kids back into school. There we go, good radio again, trying. There we go. I don't know, I just I don't I don't know. This is not you know, I think. I think throughout there's been a messaging issue. HMM, that's so. So let's go back like a year and a half. Of people didn't know what was going on, but we talked then to about what's the message it's getting out here. I wonder if, and just being general, sure, sure, just thinking as we go here, if people we consider as experts, whether that's us on a topic or medical people whatever, don't want to say. I don't know. Yeah, no, I think there what there was some of that. We don't know. It's too new. This is the best of what we have now. The experts may have said that, but the listener, the expert, can't control what the listener interprets that to be right. The expert may say we don't know. We're going with the best information we have at time. That is going to change. Yeah, so what does the how does the listener internalize that? We don't we don't know. So how much of this has been maybe mixed messaging or unclear messaging and how much it has been wishful thinking on the part of the listener? That won't be that bad. I mean initially hearing it's flu. Well, no, it's not flu. Initially, you know, hearing things from the highest level of our government. The first thing you hear is what you're going to hold on to. Yeah, YEP, so some of that messaging from the highest levels of government early on, people still hold on to that. Yeah, I s maybe worse than the flu. How many people still say that? There's a lot of people still say that. Well, that true. We sure look at that. Look at the death toll. We know that. I don't know. I mean I don't want to be in public health. We actually be fascinating to be in public health right now. This is the first time since in a century, or maybe since polio or something like that, it's been this great. You know, public health. The sticks is going to rewrite public health textbooks. So in a part of that is yes, it's fascinating time to be in public health. The other part is it's such a overwhelming time to be in public health because when you had the Spanish flu and you had polio, you had other outbreaks, you did not have to contend with social media. Yeah, a sporting you at every turn and everybody's an expert. Yeah, and you you know. Oh, I saw it on facebook. Will, where did you see it from? That of my friend posted from three states a right, great, you didn't have to counter. There was misinformation out there, but it didn't travel as fast, yeah, as it does now. So there's there's lots of things you have to you have to overcome to get out a message that changes weekly because you have a doing with a virus that is a living organism that changes. Yep, it's these are good points. You're right. It's social media has made it very easy to politicize what this is instead of just just sticking to what we know. We don't know. Everyone go, everyone listens to their favorite whoever right, their favorite political person or the favorite radio talk show, whoever, and they listen to what they say and then a yeah, that person is right. I'm going to listen to that because, as they're saying what I feel and allow that's not fact based. A lot of that's just emotional base or plullity, blowy motivated and that makes this a problem. Is easiest spread. It's on social media and you're right. A lot of people, and I've heard this a lot, even though doctors, a lot of doctors, as have always said you know there there could be variance. If they've said they've they've said that when it you know that could be variance.

We don't know what's going to happen when the variants come out. We may have to do booster shots, we may have to look we look at our vacciny. They said that raft the right right in the beginning. They said that. However, for some reason that's not what the people heard. What people heard is once you get vaccinated, everything is going to end and the world is safe. Now and it's turning out although the vaccines are working, the vaccines are doing things to make life better the vaccine. If you're vaccinated, even if you get covid chances are you're not going to have any very severe things happen to you if you're vaccinated. The fact is you still can get covid when you're vaccinated and you can still transmit it to to people and when you and they already said that, but because people heard for some reason, once I'm vaccinated, it's well, I'm cured and I don't need to do anything. And now you're being told again. Hey, this Delta arings here, so you may have to remask. We we have to take they lie to us. They set the vaccines with the cure. The doctors didn't say the vaccines were the cure. Some other people may have told you that the VACs were the cure and you believe it was a cure and now you're upset because it's not. Didn't cure everything. Patty, you're you're sent right. This is science and science is dealing with something that that's it's kind of an unknown and they're still learning about it as it goes and they're trying to give you as much information as they can about it while it's happening. If you follow the science, you would know this stuff, because they are the the people who actually are in science have been saying this from the beginning. It's the people who aren't in science who are saying things to drive your attention from the actual facts. And make you think certain ways. So my advice on this has has been since we've been doing this show. Yours has been the same too. It's look at what the CDC is saying, look what the doctors are saying. Follow that. You if you want to listen to your favorite talk show, hole story, your favorite person on social media who's trending or whatever, that's fine, but if you want to get the facts, follow the actual doctors and scientists. They're the ones that I can give you what they actually know about what's happening. Right at the time. They know and right. So again, this is a this is a why virus, these viruses, mutate. I mean this is why we get this is why you the you need a fresh flu shot every year, because the flu changes every year. COVID is changing as it the longer it gets in, the longer it gets stays out. This is what what I've heard from the scientist. Is it the longer it stays out there in the more people are unvaccinated, it gives it a greater chance to mutate? Or the same thing again? I mean we're talking above my pay grade here, but is it this in a sense, like Darwinian survival? Of the fittest. Yep, this is going to mutate to stay. I mean, I'm anthropomorphizing, right, I'm putting I'm putting human qualities on something human, but this time is don't want to die. It's a factual statement, though it is still factual. Virus doesn't want to die, so it's going to do things to make sure it stays relevant and a lie stay alive. Right. So it's going to continue to mutate. If it knows that we're trying to eradicate it, it's going to continue to mutate so it can survive, and that's what it's doing. So and we keep and every time it mutates, we're trying to find new ways to dispose of the new mutation. And every time we do it, it's going to try to do it again and eventually, hopefully, we get to a point where we finally take care of it. But that's where we're at right now. So still, you still should get vaccinated, because that still is helping you out. And yes, Patty and I both of this before too. Even if you're vaccinated, if you're going to a big grocery store where's hundreds of people in it, you should probably wear a mask because there are still populations that are not vac cleated and if you have young children, there's a good chance to have probably not macated either. Right. So if you are going into a store and you're getting covid while you're at the store, you make him home with just the sniffles because you're vaccinated. So I mean not get that suit severe to you, but you may pass it on to someone who's that vaccinated. It could be very severe for them and that's and we've said that. We don't know how many times you've said that. We said that and we've also talked about what is our responsibility right to the other person standing, you know, in the serial aisle? Do we have a responsibility to that person to wear a mask to keep that person safe? What is society? Yep, Yep, Yep, and and and I know, and the last point I'll make on this, as I know, the biggest argument that I've been hearing and regards to this is it's my right, it's my freedom. I, you know, my body, my choice. That that people have been saying. A lot of that I hear all the time and I'm not here to tell anyone what to do. I got your parent. I can't. I can't force you to do a anything right. I'm as a person with a microphone in my face. I'm...

...not. I'm not, I'm no one really that significant in your life. However, Patty makes a good point. How do you feel about your fellow human how do you feel about the person standing next to you? How much do you you care about them? Is it all about yourself and me and mine and what I want to do, or is it about you know what? What can I do to make everyone safe? So, if all you care about is you and you're vaccinating in, okay, I'm cool. I should be able to do what I want. You know, I can't make you. I can't make you do anything else. I can only advise you as to perhaps take other things in consideration. But just think what you wanted. I want to be a person who is trying to do my part to make everyone as safe as possible and give you and let you be healthy enough to live your life, right to do what you enter in your life. So that's all we're saying this. Think, think about think outside of your yourself and your immediate situation and look, if you look, if you look at your window, especially if you live in the city, you'll see that there's a lot of people out. There's a lot of people out there, and how can what can you do to make sure that everyone out there is as safe as possible? Well, it goes back to the conversation we had about what is safety right we for at the beginning we were thinking of it in a different context. But this is all safety and you know, if you were will get, you know, up on our little soap box close. But if you're not able to be vaccinated and but nobody else in your household still hut, you're the only one who can go get the groceries, do you want the person who can be vaccinated or the person who who would wear a mask to do both of those things while you're just wearing your mask but can't be vaccinated? I mean, I guess that's what empathy or something picture. So somebody else's shoes and me what did I guess? How would you want somebody to to treat you? Yeah, absolutely correct, although I can't want Patty. I am a little said. I have a I haven't been on vacation a while. I have a vacation plan in October. We'll see if that still happens with you on that one. The end of September. Yeah, I'm starting off absurd. That's what doubts and sure, yeah, it's been a while for me too. I've only I've only been around this area for a little bit, so I was looking forward to it. But Hey, you know what, if I can't go on vacation because it is what it is, then I that's what I'll do. I'm not going to if I'm not going to force it just because I want it that bad, I'll be in trust me, Patty. We both need a vacation. We both do. All right, we're running short on times. Let's let's go ahead and wrap this up. Hey, by the way, I mentioned that the about the Rio see being a vaccination site today. That was that story was already in the minority reporter. And there's a bunch of other things, like the violence initiative, all that. That's all available in the minority reporter. So if you go to minority reporter Dotnet, you'll see those stories and more. They do a very good job of covering all these local stories that actually impact your community, stuff that's happening right in the city, stuff that's happening right in community. They do a lot of those stories. So it's a good site to check out. Also, if you want to get more in depth and and and have that sent to you and regular basis, you can subscribe to the minority reporter. So there's a subscription option there. You can get a hard copy or you can get the digital version, whichever one is easiest for you. You can take that take advantage of that. So it's available right there at minority reporter dotnet. Also, we say this every week and we mean it. We want to hear from you the stories that matter to you most, as are what we want to talk about. So in order for us to talk about it, we have to hear it from you. So what you can do is submit this to editor at minority reporter DOTNET. Again, that's editor at minority reporter DOTNET. If you tell them what you want to hear, a few any questions or suggestions, whatever, whatever you want to do, you submit it that way and they'll certainly take a look at that and and see if they can implement that into the next issue of the minority reporter. Also, we want to hear from you as well here at in side the margins. You little are website here at inside the margins RADIOCOM. Again, that's inside the margins RADIOCOM. There's a contact section there. Click on that will get that also, and again we will talk about that if it's something that's important to you on our next show. And if you're just tuning in right now, I don't know, Patty. How many times can I tell them that we are on at three and it's I think. I think they know by now, Matt. I think that might be. They might be, you know, waiting for the four o'clock show and catching the tail end of us. Hey, listen, our show is good to that for class shows pretty decent, but our shows pretty good. So, if you don't believe me, go to inside the MERC's radios atcom listen to this show and it's entirety. Also, you can find us at iheartcom, where we get your podcast. Listen to the show and it's ten party. Judge for yourself and you say, Hey, you know...

...what they come without some cool stuff. Maybe I'll start listening to them. So go ahead and check that out. All right, Patty. So you were able to make it back this week, so how about we try again next week will say what's it? I'll put it in the calendar. Hope we'll work out. I like it. I like it all right. For Patty Singer. I am Matt Wilson. This is inside the margins and we will see you next week. Do you have a topic that you would like to discussed on inside the margins? We would love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, comments or questions to inside margins at gmailcom.

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