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Inside the Margins

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Return of the Masks


Indoor mask mandates have returned. Plus, 60 degree weather in December? We talk about it and music from @crotonapbx @dannyfuckingk , and @familiar_doc

Marginalized groups can be the target of negative beliefs, behaviors or judgments from others. On this show we seek out marginalized voices and perspectives and tackle some of the conflicts and issues these groups face. Now is the time to have your voice heard. This is inside the margins with your host, Matt Wilson, Full Mark Morrison with return the Mac but in this case the reason why I'm playing it is the return of the masks. That's right, if you haven't heard, the mask mandate is back in effect starting today at nine am actually, was when it started to go back in effect. So pretty much here are the details. If you are going to go anywhere indoors that is not requiring requiring proof of vaccination. So if they're not asking to show your vaccination card or your excels, your past or what have you, then you must wear a mask. That's throughout New York state. Anywhere you go indoors, you must wear a mask. You must wear a mask unless they are requiring you to show proof of vaccination. Oh by the way, this is Matt will and welcome to inside the marriages. And know we've been off for a little bit but thought it was a good time to come back to it. So I want to talk a little bit about this and a few other things. Obviously we had that crazy windstorm over the weekend. A lot of power outages are still being worked on right now in and around Rochester trying to fix that. Also, the tornadoes that happened out very, very terrible. A lot of people lost their lives because Tucky. I got make sure that I'm looking at the right area, but yeah, it's at whether it is crazy's when we're looking at temperatures in the s today and possibly in the s later on this week in December, fifty and sixty in the middle of December, close to Christmas. A lot of concerning things to talk about today. So first let's go back to what I was talking about before. The mask mandate. Can at the whole Cole had announced, I believe, on Friday, that starting on Monday, which is today, at nine a m, all businesses and any indoor places that are not residential. So if you're going somewhere outside of a residence that has an occupancy that's for indoors, you will be required to wear a mask, unless that place has in place a way to check your vaccination status. Now I do know there are a few bars and restaurants that I've been to you downtown that do actually check your vaccination status, as as a few of them that do that and have been doing that for a while, I guess for their own safety. But now I guess the question is going to be what would you prefer? Would you prefer to be maskless in a place where everyone has been vaccinated or also gotten a booster? So I think the requirement of vaccination is change a little bit. If you were vaccinated like a year ago or whatever. I don't think that is the case now. I think you will have to have been recently vaccinated or have received your booster. So would you prefer to be in a room where everyone had a recent vaccination or recently received their booster and everyone was maskless, or would you prefer to be an environment where they don't require proof of a vaccination at all, but you have to wear a mask regardless of your vaccination status?...

I'm just I'm just curious. I want to know your thoughts. You can send in the comments to me. Go to inside the margins RADIOCOM. You can put your comments there or you can email me also Matt Wilson at inside the margins Radiocom just curious what's your preference would be there, because I know a lot of people hate wearing the masks. Right. It's it's you want to see everyone's face. You want to talk and smile and laugh and enjoy yourself. But you know there's everyone's trying to be safe. But what what impacts you more, being forced to show proof of vaccination status or wearing a mask? Just curious as to what your thought processes. I don't have a problem either way. I think businesses should take whatever action is they feel is in their best interest to make sure that their occupants are safe. So I don't really have a preference. I am vaccinated and I've got my booster and I also carry around a variety of different masks, so I'm ready to go indoors for any any purposes. Right. I also have my excels your pass on my cell phone, so if anyone requires me to show it, I got that ready to go. So I'm good either way. Either way I'm good to go. I'm I try to do my best. The majority of my family members are all set. My kids recently of all been except for one were still wait from. Want to finish your vaccines and process. But my kids are vaccinated. At my life vaccinating and I'm vaccinated, parents vaccinated and boosted. Everyone who was vaccining early has gotten their boosters. So every one of my family is good to go. We can go wherever if they require proof of vaccination or if they are if we have to wear masks, we're good to go. So I don't really have a preference. I I prefer here's, here's, here's an here's me being honest. So I guess there's a preference. Masks are uncomfortable and you get the breathing your own breath all the time, right. So I think everyone prefers to be maskless. So I know this is probably against a lot of people's feelings, because I know everyone's like I don't want to have to be forced to show my papers to go into some place. That's ridiculous. No, you gotta show you are ready to go into a bar if you're under twenty one or twenty one over, right. So it's similar, in my opinion, if you have to go to a bar and they ask you to show you ready to get in the bar. So why can't you show your vaccines and kind to go there too. Right. So that's but I prefer to be in a room where I know everyone has gotten their booster recently, vaccine it and we can kind of mean go freely. I like that option. That's just my personal preference. But again, I want to hear from you. You can get email me at Matt Wilson at inside the margins Radiocom, or you can go to our website inside the margins radiocom and let me know your thoughts. Let me know your thoughts on the whole mask mandate. Are you upset by it? Do you think it's best for us? You know, just want to just want to get your opinion. All right, let's go and play some music with take a music break real quick. Go Ball pick. We got another one. Slops, keep popping the bubble gumstick to heat. One in the field like he for was got dead Amund to overpass where the Amtrak one we your gun. I got gallon up, premium fire up this course, efty up his clip on his pretty boy face. I'll see you trying to more fut against us this mother and good all store, but cut your sho down. New Colt text so loud when East round us, you can hear it echo when the next town. Ain't from neck down, I'm only five six, cast a big shadow, cast as over with it might the bids when they come to family. No love loss, and I ain't Joe Button Ninety Mama Style. Beat you down with a switch bet by a rock steady. You Ain't keeping with catching up to you to maybe several score the hards. I even then don't want war. Then a ram bully. Bring... to your dog, keeping roll this that shirt that y'all was asking for, catching up to you to give you several score the hogs. I even. I don't want war. Then Ram bully s bring it to your dog. Keep it rolling. This Day it y'all was asking for it. Slie you angle the raised relieve you starspangle you had with danger for each cut that made it fatal to the point till you see and Andrew than you, with you coming with lasers to listen a great you, and here I'm, a filling spitted bowl, chilling scorpion balls with your blood spilling. Beat you don't pit. Knock you off the you run your chips saying sucking shot. You can't put this grenade, bad bully s more powerful in the shoddy. Put Up Palm crit up the hell's whining complice cooking. Shall hard this rash MC's get this soul stock in Brittle Bar MC. That be me crazy talking. Whill you see him. The Cock please, pinning under brudget. He get hitting another second now coming for you, quish. That's like threatening catching up to you to maybe several score. The hogs are even and don't want war, then they d bully shoot. Bring it to your dog. Keeping rang this. That chall was asking for, catching up to you to maybe several score. The dogs are even then don't want war, then they rab bully S. bring it to your dog. Keeping growing this. It'shall was asking for you. Welcome back to you inside the margins. It's Matt Wilson, Christa Simhow's Queens. Y'All know that Song Right. All's right around the corner and everyone's got their plans. Family gatherings, eat some food, get the gifts with the kids, a grandma, the grandpops, everyone's going to be there, right. It's going to be a fun time, I'm but with this new mass mandate, what do you think? Is that? As your are your plans changed? Are you still doing what you were going to do? Are you still going to have as many people over your residence as you were before? What about New Year's right? New Year's before you might have had plans to go out somewhere, to some bar or club or restaurant or whatever you were going to do, and now that this mask mandate is in effect, is that going to change your plans? Or if the place that you were going to go to now requires vaccination proof for you to get in there, it's not going to change your plans. Just curious. Get inside the margins radiocom go there. Let us know. We already have plans. I don't think I was going to change again. Like I said before, my wife and myself we are fully vaccated and boost it up, so we will go where we want to go. But not everyone is right. Everyone has their reasons for whatever they choose, what they want to do it or not, and I'm not a doctor, I can't tell you what you should or should not do. Tell you what I have done and what we are doing. It's want to get your thoughts. What are you going to be doing or if things are going to change for you all? Right. Let's talk about what happened this past weekend with the crazy winds around here. Right is very, very windy. Wind Gus sixty miles an hour plus in some areas. A lot of damage. saw a lot of down wires, a lot of down trees. People are still getting their power turn on as we speak now. A lot of people are still without power. Temperatures or up in the S. Today we're looking at temps probably going to reach close to fifty today and later on the week we're to see temperatures also reach in the...

S. I don't know if you realize this, it's December. It's not just a summers, not like de Summer First, this December thirteen. We're only fifteen or tough, sorry, twelve days away from actual Christmas. Back in the day, every when I was a kid, it would start snowing hard right on like Halloween. Right now we are here. Christmas is as around a corner. No Snow on the ground pretty much at all. Fifty degrees and crazy winds. Sixty degrees crazy winds on Saturday. So here's the Ne Second Question I ask you. Do you now think that global warming maybe real? Like I said, I remember being a kid, it would be mounds of snow by now in this area. Now, let me tell you this as a person who spent the majority of his life in the Rochester area. You know I'm not crying because it's warmer because, you know, I'm not a huge fan of snow and Subzero temperatures. Some people are. People like the ski and Snowshoe, Whatever Do, ice hockey outside, whatever you build snow men. I'm not really a huge winning person. I like fall, ill like spring. Summer gets too hot sometimes, but I'll I'll take summer. You know, you can alwayship on a pool of water somewhere. And I'm not complaining about it not being cold because obviously it's cool that I can still wear like a white jacket and stuff in December. But it's concerning right. It's a little weird that in December it's in the S and s. So I guess that that was why I asked a question. Is this kind of proof that global warming is a real thing and if that's the case, should we start maybe doing more things about it? Right? I know I have a lot of friends who have been doing some things about it, but I know we're working on like electric electronic cars and things of that nature, but some people still don't think it's real. So people are still think that. You know, I would we are weird to think that man can can influence the temperature of the planet, even though it's greatly occupied by lots of folks. Rights three hundred and fifty million people in the united it's alone. Back when I was a kid there's only like two hundred million, or two two and twenty five or something like that. And since the industrial revolution, our emissions are called are carboard foop, has been ridiculous. So question I guess I would ask you is, do you think that global warming is real and do you think man has done a lot to advance global warming? And the third question I asked you is, does that make you want to change your lifestyle? Are You thinking what? Maybe using less fuel, burning less gas, going moral, you know, recycling more, eating less meat, maybe you know, not eating that, buying the stuff in the stores that are that are that are produced at industrial farms that produce a lot of admissions. Are you willing to change your lifestyle to benefit the earth? If you think that global warming is actually real and if you think what's happened here and also those devastating tornadoes and in the Kentucky area that have killed, they're saying right now, hunt at least a hundred people and devastated businesses and homes. Do you think that this is a result of global warming? All hear your thoughts go to and said the margins, radiocom inside the margins, radio directly inside right. Never gonna see me far. Never don't see me sweat.

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...don't see me struggles. I was gonna see me money. I want you to keep that. Global warming is showing its teeth and to us right now, right because we were looking at crazy worms, sunshine and fifty degrees on the summer thirteen and possibly in the s later on this week, which is insane. Which is insane. So I just want to get your thoughts on that. If you did, I die, I will leave wipe it. I think I think what we're always real. I think think man has a lot to do with it, and but I get your thoughts. When to get your thoughts on that? All right, they're a little sports muffled bills, right, Oh man, and so hurts a little bit. You See, the bills get beat by the Patriots last week, divisional rival Patriots, where Tom Brady used to be and used to dominate the bills for years. All right, and we thought we were in a position now. Well, not we. I'm not sure. Raiders Fan, but I support the bills heavily, as want to make sure it's clear. I like the bills, so I'm I guess they're like my tear to right. So you know their local yess, what a Lokal team. It's a little bills heavily favored this year to be dominant in this division. The Patriots should not be any type of problem this year, right. That was the outlook in the beginning of this year. Not so fast. Patriots are still who they are, even with no Tom Brady. Looks like Bill Bell Chick still knows a system on how to continue to dominate this division. They end up beating the bills. May people were heartbroken by that and we all you know what. Right after the Patriots with Bill Bell Check, it's Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay buckets and into in Tampa. And let me tell you, I don't know if buffalo is going to make the playoffs. They still have a decent chance, actually a very good chance, if they win the last three or the three out of four games, it should they should make it. I had to have no idea. If they're going to win the ditches, that's a little tougher road. But I will say this. I'm I did everything I saw yesterday when I watch the game yesterday. I am very impressed with Josh Allen. Now, I will be the first to tell you I was Josh Allen Nay Sayer for a bit right because I was like, I don't know, under pressure she's like he buckles and last year when they were so good, there wasn't really any fans. I don't know if he's going to do I said all that stuff, but man did that guy put the team on his back the second half. Man Did he put the team on his back the second half, rushing for over a hundred yards, rushing touchdown to throwne passes, passing for over three hundred yards. He was the team injured. To see that a little bit, little bit of turf toll going on didn't stop them from running. And the only reason why the page, the bills even had a shot as because of Josh Allen. I know he's hurting. Its wearing a boot and at the press conference after the game, but hopefully, you know, he's a tough guy, so he might just he'll come back. I think. I don't think it's it's huge loss, but I don't know. I don't know if the I don't know if the bills have what it takes to winning the vision they will make the playoffs, I believe. I don't think that this this may not be a super bowl year from but I will also say this. Remember when those giants on the Super Bowl, they weren't the best team in the league either. A right. So if there is a team that can come through it, you know this. Now, all of a sudden they find the rhythm after this game, they still...

...have a marginal shot of maybe making a super bowl. I don't know, we'll see, but they got to play. They got to be those bills. At the second half, Josh Holland's got to say. Forget. This team is on my back. I'm rolling. We're going to we're going to do this. That's just my opinion. By for the bills. I wish the bills all the best luck. Hey want to hear from you inside the margins Radiocom, inside the margins Radiocom, or email direct me, directly, Matt Wilson at inside the margins RADIOCOM. Let's take a break, Little Danny K. it's about hoovy. Got Some music for music from him. You set me some Stuf, so we're going to play it. This is inside the margins I I'm reporting the murder your behavior to suspected getting observe a person's interest, please. got a the meter put on me or some shy like like. Have you seen her self give a false name, that I'm jeff while my high phone back down the fact that we settings. I was a fool to thing. You will pay me the same courtesy. White tap fashion tips. Coplemise the perk return a home to a housewife orders for wayfarer. You reper Code Island or you should off stayed there, both because they no clams. A lot of down with deep the bitches rocking the cake is still can pop with a biscuit. Listen, Kid, I'm trying to tell you it's not gonna end well. I tracked to every move. I got the footage in the cell or Herculean test to hide the wait in the best. But then what's a few knives in the back of amost friends? But read and ninety eight with the man here from me, you left your man holding back head from me, thirty spinning the block. We're head from. You call me. I just wanted the top, head from read and ninety are with the man you hit from you lift your man holding the bag, head from thirty spinning the block you here from hold me. I just wanted the top or head from Betake Fart. You a hate the heads. Y'All speak you know, off my black balls. Stop trying to black boss constantly put the nonsens. So with the dons. Bit First, not sit down. First come first you calm this some bump to don no on. Mr Nice stops like you wouldn't say raised. I see like pouts. That's it. Like hot we speak on some under you right twice big by snakingly you trust you got the right guy in the world place, but at the right time I cut your life. Hit You with an like nine times towards the media. Nine nine the hate. When I shot with school to pretty light the pipe line gotta be down the water like crime had to take my because my thought wasn't giving up. I'm feeling like big now where we think you fee because you Glam for doof you know. I'm going first sipping bill, and then you cuzy right a ninety here with the bag, here from me. Left your man holding back head Brow, thirty spinning the block. Hid from me. Hold me. I just wanted the top. Head phone. Freddy, Ninety eight with the mad hid from me. You left your man over the bag, head phone, thirty spinning the block. You hit from hold me has just want the top. Or hit from I was going down. Man. I will say wrestling power, maxts, a million, two thousand and twenty two halfs nation. Stop hiding. We all side. John, Contna Change, get familiar. ME, contne brothers, our arms through Social Street kings, crowning this title, holding like Bill Them. He who won't time was when he climbing up and total who to save me on the road get money, breaking with my family. That's a goal. Always gonna be something I want. Trying to leave some for mine. You should do the same her through the grape flight remain. No Way. Don't no break time... this game. It wants supply. Trying to take my main taking steps. I'm always walking me back to painty and watch its no, we been slide city, flicking with your time, trying to keep what with mind. Step with me and gone. We don't shine. He ain't partners around and hug resigned with the coast. Sign Dat go when he was the guy. What's the key? Was the pound. So we keep don't use it. Break it down for the streets, break bread. We gonna eat more for you, more for me. Keep the table, me be a going p what's the guy with the key? With a pound to we keep dotings it. Break it down for the streets, break bad. We gonna eat more for you want for me, keep the table and doc and pe, the new Puerto we can and Blacky pmd back to backstead as to you waiting the Buccanlo Soda Eyes. You just want to see. Okay, don't fell a bunch of words. That don't need to do again. With re respect relaxed, remaining for reality, the skate, but losion created in your head for confidence. For Get considence, brothers, is world dominance. Couple the Globes trope like blow light up the show. Mohammad and Malcolm, brothers and cold explodish with a bomb. Be Flows at a ripe through a car creet for by a carpete go take a cable. He rows. You know P got a problem. Then he goes by his verses say that's the street. Cold. See, we never respect to sneak, but she throws. Let the Karma Work and watching. Wait for he. So we ain't go. Was The guy was the key? Was the council, we keep, don't use it. Break it down for the streets. Break bread, we gonna eat one for you. Move to me. Keep the tape with me. Thea go when he was the guy with the keys. The town to we keep, don't use it. Break it down for the streets, break bread, we gonna eat for you want for me keep the table. Watch up here to see this. That lymn. This was separates us for everybody else. You did you know a lot of grooves watching. You're Jay. Let's get him something, but a saft for the summer for the sum got a whole summer loss to recover, stacked all twenty long for this. commers with jaws of the sea moss in the cupboard. No deal with green glows this summers. Why, Omi Pos red with the umbrellas. Hit my whole Libe, a whole vibe on my all all will drive me outside. All these women, Hey, you tripping roll, you better shoot your shot. No, Ben Siminar, I wich up a free for top for been finishing. No woman like a one I got. But she get it, madness, let's get it. So I shot keep when a fall either. All you would love US catch me in a butter sauce with the butters farm, a dark face, Swiss with the cluster, no flex just to have a dash of a hustle. But she'll find resolved with my lump song. See, may be going from by my customs like exchange man. So we can get it. Sink for a few drinks and last follow with a bottle of cabin door spencery, with the Dane Lor dollary, find a long blast, giving you the Chicol. We out the league. So I owe it as a double o Chee to paying forward. Let's go. So, if you left,...

...keep them. So, if you made the tray, Oh yeah, I had to come back with some more James Brown. Man, let's make this Christmas means something this year. You know I'm saying. You got to make sure it means something heavy with your family up, the family that will sit inside the margains. Thanks for coming back here. I told you, man, I got to play some James Brown. I grew up, I grew up listening to it. This is the Christmas soundtrack of my childhood, if you will. All right. All right, last segment here, and I want to go back to the mask mandates and I as we discussed earlier today, officially at nine am, was the return of the mass mandate here in New York State. If you want to go somewhere, you want to go out, if you want to the stores, pretty much you will have to wear a mask, unless that place of business has a vaccination policy in place, meaning you have to show proof of your vaccination status, either of you your vaccine, ancient card or the excelsior pass. So that means you cannot leave your house without your mask anymore, or you can only go to places that will accept you in if you show your vaccinated status, your vex, your Vexin your vaccinated status, yest, and I will leave you with this. It doesn't matter how you feel about this policy, whether you're like all right now, let's make sense. I want to make sure I keep myself and my family safe and everyone else around me safe. Or, if you like, this is bull man, is man's don't work, blah, Blah Blah, and they can't show you your papers. This is very you know,... acting like where. You know it's leaving the people. But whatever, whatever your thought processes, I want to make sure you remember this. The person at your local way means the person age local tops or a little small business or the bar or restaurant or wherever you go. They did not in state this mask mandate. In fact, if they are caught violent in his policy, they can be fined a thousand dollars and more or potentially even shut down. So there's a good chance that you're these places of businesses are going to be enforcing this policy because they don't want to be shut down and they don't want to be fine. So why am I saying this? Because I know, if you're you watch those videos like on southwest airlines are the planes where people who refuse to wear their masks and also they're swinging at like the stewardess, they're swinging at people around them. Do you really think that stewardess, or that person is wants to try to make you put your mask on? Do you think the bartender when you go to the bar, wants to yell you about your mask? No one wants to be confrontational with you. They are doing what they have to do to keep their business running. Remember that. If you're mad about this man mask mandate, if you're mad about being forests to show your papers or your vaccination card or your excels, your pass. You know, right, Cathy, whole letter, talk to your local government officials, whatever, but don't take it out on the cash. You number nineteen, right, right. That person has nothing to do with this. They just they were told by their balls. Hey, you got to enforced us. If you don't, we can get fine and we want to keep you employed, we want to not be shut down and we don't want to hemorrhage money during this. So we're going to have to enforce this. That you again. You might be upset that. I can't believe these people are actually doing what she said. Okay, you can be upset, you can revolt, you can eat, you can mail your mass to Cathy Hulkal or the your state, whatever you want to do, but just make sure you remember the person at the local business, the person at your grocer store or your bar or your restaurant or your starbucks or wherever you go to do whatever you do, those little indoor small businesses. They are not your enemy. They're not the ones that made this mandate. They just have to enforce it so their business stays open. Keep that in mind and don't be an idiot when you go out those stores and be all confrontational. Want to swing out people because they're trying to tell you to put your mask on. All right, that's all I'm saying. You're using your energy in the wrong place. That are they're not your enemy. In fact, they're your the try. They're helping you out. They want to be around so they can keep giving you the product or services that you enjoy. And if you want them to continue to give you the product, products and services that you enjoy, you don't be a chure. That's all I want to give you with all right, I'm out of here. Hey, we'll be back next week with another inside the margins again. Comments or questions are always welcome inside the margins RADIOCOM and the contact that section there, or you can email me directly, Matt Wilson at inside the margins RADIOCOM. I'm out of here. We'll see you next time. Do you have a topic that you would like to discussed on inside the margins? We would love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, comments or questions to inside margins at gmailcom.

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