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Episode 18 · 1 year ago

Life After Social Distancing


Headline news with Patti Singer and discussion on life after social distancing. Also a clip from the Roc City Showcase podcast featuring Hip Hop Artist/Producer Volatile ProducerEmcee

Marginalized groups can be the targetof negative beliefs, behaviors or judgments from others. On this show weseek out marginalized voices and perspectives and tackle some of theconflicts and issues these groups face. Now is the time to have your voice hurt.This is inside the margins with your Houst Matt, Wilson and Hello. Welcome to another editioninside the margins, I'm your host Matt Wilson and we are still offoure tin, rten tillself isolated because of covid nineteen looks lik there are. There is some newscoming from Governor Qomo that suggests. Perhaps these may get better around meFifteenh, but, worse again, we still don't know we're still waiting for that,for you know positive reinforcement on that, so we cound finally begin to maybe start to return to Normalsey, butuntil then one thing that you can count on is headline news from the minorityreporters that he se your good afternoon. Patty you stay up at Ninin.You Have K, you have a fuck, you, okay, this is the form o Sewa one, so yjustGota rotate Tou, the segway yeah. I try different one every day, Aazingit' aazingghwell, that you thankyou for Jining US Andand with no further to do a city agreement withtree lite could bring high speed Internet into ununderserved areas. Anagreement between Rochester and greenlike yetworks could build a bridgeover the digital divide, which has become more like a chasm since covidnineteen has exposed differences in access to the Internet. The masterlicense agreement is expected to expand availability of the company's highspeed service to residents and businesses. Gren might promotes itshigh speed Internet sturning at fifty rs a month. It is in eleven thosandhouse schools in the city it has semtin presents in affordable housing unitsand in some Araszoone like avenue. For the most part, it does not make IDroads into lawer income neighborhoods in announcing the agreement. Ricestermere lovely Warrang said the city and green late wild work to identiby areasmost in need of Internet service. The lack of that service in someneighborhoods has been evident as schools close because of covid nineteenand the Rochester City School district atend to divise ways to continueeducation. Agreement with GREENLIHT has to be approved by city council. Thedocument is not yet Bello. Anmendoza have not had covid nineteen tests whenro county has tested a proxiate ly, twelve thousand residents from covidnineteen butcount executive, Adam Bello and Department of Public Health.Commissioner, Dr Michael Mendoza, are not among them. Neither has beensyptomatic. Neither is aware of coming into close contact with someone who hastested positive according to county spolkeswomen in Juli. Phillip mindows Odid have an antibody test, a lot taken, ADDI WOCA Walmat, to examine theprocess. The company was using. His result was negative. Tell the mayorwhich city services are crucial. COVID ninetee is affecting more than physicaland emotional health. The ownens is expected to take a financial toll onevery layer of government that has to pay for the response and deal with lostsales tax and other revenue from businesses being closed for weeks, ifnot months, as the city prepares its two Thousanda Twsanda. Twenty onebudget mayor, lovely Warren, is asking residents to share what services theythink are essential and where they believe the city needs to invest. Thesurvey is open through May. Fifth, you can go to city of Rochester Dot, golve budget keeping in the COVID nineteentrend. Knowing the facts is part of staying safe, the news about theillness changes almost daily and it comes from so many sources that it canbe hard to keep up.

Minority reporter talked with CANDACLucas, chair of the African American health coalition and Lecinda Colandris,and Dr Isabel Diana Fernandez coachairs of the Latino Health Coalition, aboutwhat is fiction. What is fact and how to protect yourself and your family forpeople who have questions about Covid, they can call them in Roll CountyDepartment of Health dedicated phone line, and that is five, eight five, seven, five, three fie five by fiveagain: seven, five, three five five Fiv five do Rochester C School District hasaccepted Terry Dade's resignation and, as also had hurt, updates on the budgetproposal. Two hours after he called from a voteon the resignation of Superintendent Terry Day, Rachester City, SchoolDistrict Board of Education. President Van White praised the man who left thedistrict before finishing the first year of his contract. The board votedto accept Dade's resignation after an emerge from executive session. Nodetails of any separation package were made public at the end of the meetingand before again going into executive session white said, it was appropriateto thank everyone involved in developing a budget that has to closean eighty seven million dollar gap. We should begin with Terry Dade White saidbottom wine. This was a budget that was originally drafted and presented by oursuperintendent, Mister Dade. He does deserve some thanks for getting USstarted on this conversation and that conversation continues into early May.An the board has to vote to accept the plan in National News. Three hundredforty nine billion dollar covid small business program short changes.Businesses of color the program created to assist Americansmall businesses was launched on April third to provide payroll utility, rentand Morn for eligible applicants screened by the US Small BusinessAdministration forebout less than two weeks later, the national stimulusenacted in the throws of their pandemic ran out of funs in separate, butrelated legal actions. Federal lawsuits were filed, challenging the lack ofequitable access to the stimuous program, onablnineteen four class actionlawsuits challenge the banks use of what's called the Pero ProtectionProgram Funds. While the legal process unfolds, theSen afe responsible lending estimated as many as ninety five percent blackownbusinesses stood no chance of securing a program lawn other communities ofcolor were likely to be shut out as well. Ninety one percent of both Latinoowne and native Hawaiian of Pacific island own businesses were financiallyshort changed. This week's cover story looks at the life and the contributionsto Rochester of Donald Starver, a good Sumerian and purer opop for everyone tomany colleagues, friends, youth and community leaders. Donald starver wasan example of sincere caring, giving and a concernd servant for the city ofRochester at age. Of Fifty six starver is one of our heroes who was taken overby by illness. On April eighteenth he's remembered as a consummate professionalwho was very active t and a great fisherman and after he moved fromPittsburgh Pennsylvania to Rochester, he became involved in many civicorganizations and he helped found was involved in several organizations tovoted to young black men, revered Michael Vaughan, grigt that it is timeto open up while there are varying opinions. It is time for us to open upour nation. He says we have essentially close our economy for what has turnedout to be much less of an issue than we thought when it first hit. Vone writesthat he is not downplaying or belittling the deaths and the pain theyhave caused on families that have been affected. We have to honor those whohave died grieve with those who are grieving, but move forward as a society.You write stuff for everyone: death due to covid nineteen. There have beenabout five hundred people that have filed fror unemployment and he putsthose numbers out there because, as he...

...says, we as a society need to put intoperspective the tremendous damage we are doing to our nation by staying on.FOTDOWN Mat. Thank you petty and just remind Yeur folks that if you want toget a the full versions of the headline new stories that you just heard, youcan go to the minority reporter Dot Net and you can find all the full versionsthere as well. You can also you can subscribe to the minorityporter on the side as well. If you want to get a subscription, which Isincerely hope you do, I do that and it's always really new forse for me.Also, you can go to our website at inside the margins. RADIOCOM there's alink to the minority reporter on that site, and also you can listen to all ofour past episodes inside the margins Radiocom as well as you can find all ofthe replays on ihartcom and also wherever you get your podcasts and also,if you do have any information or you want to ask questions or just havesuggestions for the minority reporter. You can email editor at minorityreporter Datnet and you can also reach out to us as well on inside the marginsRADIOCOM. So we will be back. This is inside the margins. Do you have a topic that you would likediscuss on inside the margins? We would love to hear from you. Please send yourthoughts comments, more questions to inside margins at gmailcom. Welcomeback to inside the margins, I'm your host Matt Wilson, all right, so we gota few things that I want to talk about, and I that story about Donald Starversis definitely a good one and it was nice to you were able to pay tribute tosuch a such a good smaritan. But before we talke about anything else, I noticethat you have a new haircut, Patty Youlok, you look at it really good. Wecan't talk about that. An aave e newegle we were, we have OTOMSK W we're goodButyou Kno it IIT's interesting Atal. Before that you know many years ago Ihad Wen, I had a surgery and how or calls after Surgeris have changed andpeople can shower and you know, do all kinds of things buteve. You know Icouldn't do that he period of time and I have short hair anyway, so it's notas much an an issue, but it's interesting what we do to make us feelnormal and so the person who professionally cuts my hair en doing itfor years Sai, yes sure come in I'll, give you AI, wash your hair yea, and Ijust felt after a week of not being able to do that because of povlicansurgery. How good that felt you know. Definitelythe expression is first world problem get it. We only know what it is we knowand and this situation now I think, is teaching a sympathy for for people whodon't have who have other issues, and we need to be more sympathetic to that,but we are still creatures of our own habit right. So so does, if you feelyou know El, you know Mat, you know it e wit Teball going. You can just get the get the playfor Antido that so so. For thatit's not an issue for people. You know you can shave your own beer. Could Ihave done this myself yeah and we would have not been on video eve yeah right,so you know people do that, but I will now me the mask the master ofthe segway with this were talking about something before so. People want to gethair cuts and it's actually it's interesting. My sister lives in Rhode,island and she was telling me about news conference the governor had, andsomebody asked when will those slans open and the governor replied and yourtelling me I need an aircut...

...o that so so she joked about that. But let's use this a talk about somethingserious, Yero, the weather's getting Nason. I believe this the case that, if youtest positive for Covid, you then become sort of in the system and you'retracked and Quarantine, and I don't think they put an able brace fatot nyou, but you need to adhere to certain rules right right. It's it's gettingnicer out. Are People going to want now to betested or cool, knowing that, if I test positive, I am in a quarantine situation for at leastfourteen days. Could I go for a walk and I go ride, myeven by myself an I go for a walk by myself. Could I go ride my biky Couliand if that's the case, if people start thinking that way, do then the numbers become artificiallydeflated and then do we not know how many new cases we have is we startto open thes and now we're being tease wit, only may open things up,manufacturing will start again, so somebody who has been laid off foralone for a while o back to war. This is this great things will open up incrementally an if you test positive to you in asense miss that now, what's our CIPIC responsibility to eachother in a demot yeah weonet, mach op, to get tested in a delacracy fo for thePublican. These are a lot of societal questions that that that are beingasked of ofolks. But I wonder if really now isn't the time to really step up the antibody testing.For a couple reasons, if you have a cobid nineteen test, I don't believe I'm not a scientist,but from what I read nd and heard that test is not going to be one hundredpercent act. Yes, you you record on that, so I could be. I could go for atest today. Test negative a tomorrow become exposed figure. Oh, Ialready had a test, I'm good, be in asymtomaticarry or whatever. Myunderstanding of the anybody test would be that if I tested showd, I hadanybodies, I either have or had the disease the illness, and then I cantake the appropriate step now in the Public Health Commissioner, MerolCounty back, an Licomendoza has often said testing is performed when theresult, I will affect a course of treatment the outcome werve. So I thinkthat anybody testing becomes important because that then affects what you do.What you do with that knowledge. Does it does that knowledge change anything.I understand the knowledge of a positive covid test changes, somethingwhat does the knowledge of a negative test? Does that give a false sense ofsecurity to people? So knowing knowing my anybody status,let's make a bad analogy sure back to the HIV days, knowing your status, youtook, hopefully precautions Rightaa, you stay negative, you were positive,you protected others, that's what the quarantine ISN'n here,you're protecting others, but you know: We've had a few nice days of weather.We will have a. We will have many more actually. Yes, people are getting tired,we're not used to this. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. I'm just puttingthe thought out there will fewer people want a test for the virus at this point and yea people do what isthat going to say, as we start to...

...reopen things? I think it's a very,very valid point, because you start off saying it. This perfectly: We'vealready been quarantine for a while or somewhere selfisated or, however, you want to describe it andthe weather is getting nicer and we are being teased. We now beginning to hear you know just mentions of thepossibilities of things. Opening up and just ha taste of normalcy is whatpeople want and you sai it perfectly with just with the haircut. It certainly is first world problems,but doing things to make you feel somewhat normal makes us feel better.So getting the haircutshaving. When I told you story about me shaving earlierwell before we got out there just doing small things and make yourself feelnormal feeling it makes you feel better, mentally and even physically. So thefact that it's going to get nicer and the fact that we are all going to wantto be outside and you're right, I it doesn't mean that we're going to goplay hoops with our friends, but just for a walk or a bike ride or to gooutside and grill, or anything like that. Just just just things to makeyourself feel you know this is what this is, what I would do in the springor the summer I would be outside. I would do stuff and you don't wantthings to stop you from doing that, because you, because we have been pretty much stuck in our homes in thelast five six weeks and it's Gn and people are not going to want to doanything. That's going to deter that. So I agree I agree with you there. I dothink that that may make testing less. I guess attractiveto people, even even if you feel a little sick, you might. I just got theSNIFFLES I don't want to. I don't want to go that far, yet a make myselfforcibly stay home for fourteen days or more after I get tested, I want to beoutside ind want to play with the kids in the yard. I want to do stuff, Iwould do in the summertime, so you're right. I think that is going to makepeople hesitate to get the tests more and more especially. The big thing thatyou mentioned is that that teas, that Tes, that were getting that hey jobs,maybe opening back up some things, may be coming back that you were not ableto do some businesses. I even heard that there's a thought about opening upmovie theaters, but you know kind of spreading things out so that you can'have a full house, but they may open up the theaters and have get maybe halfcapasiy, so people are spaced appropriately. Do you want to peopleare probably dying to do stuff like that, so so the testing I tinkabsolutely would be swayed because of that that that's just my opinion, ofcourse- and you know Adam Belo, anewo H, other e other dayan. I asked the question because he wastalking about lost revenue. Anthecounty, potentially you know Grantes Olly Einthe first quarter, so you don't know Wenthe's Goin ta open up, but thepotential youknow, the loss of sales tax revenue s in the tens of millionsof tous Ye lots of ofederal Ou government AIDS in the tens of millionsof s. So the question I asked him was, as you want to start opening things up. Do you really need a true sense of whohas had this? And again I mean I'm a dog with a slipper with this anybodytesting sures wil, I'm just gonna Sread this thing, because I think that'sthat's key to this. We have to know how many people had it, how many peoplestill potentially at risk- and I don't think a test for the virus- tells youthe whole picture again, not a scientist, just somebody who plays onein the newspapers so so t that was, if you're thinking ofopening up anthinhes revenue- and these are the people who may be going out tothese places going back to a small mom and pop retailer. Do you need to knowthis their status in a sense to do this?...

I also do not think and regularlisteners will know where I'm going to go with this. I do not think thatmental health concerns have been taken enough into consideration is now. I wasO, I'm two two wevenors for Weben N and a call Inin the past week about thatvery topic and I'm still kind of processing n. In myown mind of what people were saying. One of the things one of the points waswas interesting that some urmc people were talking about. The question wasfor people who always feel they're isolated, for whatever reason has thismade, it mor is conineteen cause Morefa problem for them or Nowatheys, say toother people, Wont Welcome to my World Right Yeahrih. What as been the empathyfor others going through this, so I said Mare, you listeners, know that wyou and im mot have talked a lot about Ma ye yeah, a thing that has been takenenough into consideration. I don't think that has been taken enough intoconsideration in reopening at least what I have seen read and hurt it. Maybe it's just not coming down. You know the Pike Wite tome, but I think that you get public safetyto me is more than just. If I sneeze on you, you know you're going to get sickpublic health is health is everything helth is. Is it is physical? It ismental, it is emotional, it is social, it is environmental, it is financial.Those are the Domain Tho domains of health fo aunt. So, if we're only focusing onmy sneeze, your illness, we're short changing all of help thatjust makes it more complicated. I agree with that too. I saw well. I'vetalked to many people who are usually bright and bubbly and the mostoptimistic people in the world all the things we better will be fine, we'reGoin, Ong get through together and and a lot of their t. Their tones havechanged recently, like I'm now they're saying I'm sad, I'm isolaionas got me alittle depressed. I think, because we're so focused on budget issues whichI get because people have been out of work and we're so far in debt everywhere, it'sridiculous right now and how are we going to come out of that, and Iunderstand that that's that's a priority, especially when it comes to government but you'reright. I think in that the thought processes of the whole economic statusof what Git WHA's happening. People aren't really conterating on. How wasthis affecte people mentally? How are people doing I'm pretty upbeatoptimistic character, usually as well? I'm still? Okay, I'm not I'm not I'mnot anywhereas near being a depressed person, but even I've had moments. Youknow because I because petty's gotten to know me, I'm a pretty friendlyoutgoing. I like to shake hands, I'm a Hugger, I'm that's that! That's that'sthe kind of person I am so being not being able to do that, not being ableto see my friends or give a hand shake or just hang out with some people thatI like for a while it does. It does wear you it makes it makes things tough. I luckily have I live with my familyand that helps a little bit, but I still do miss seeing my parents and mybrothers and my friends and all that, so I I en I can't do that, but and I again I'm a pretty positive prosest and I tan on Atre, saypositive: U, but Pzza people aren't all that way, so people who arealready kind of in a negative mindset how bad has this been on them? How far has it taken him down if you're,already kind of down how much lower as is taking you right, and you know I don't have the answers tothat. I can't I'm not I'm not a counselor and and one of the thingsthat is always. I guess what me is,...

...what I think is the insincere. How areyou talked about this? I E, so you passsomebody on the street or in the grocery store and, and whatever me goes,how are Ya, how you doing and they keep going Yep, and I would when you're,asking somebody that now, if you don't want to stick around forthe answer, then to me don't ask the question because, as you say mad nowmore than ever, you may get an answer Yep and are you prepared for the Waethat Isand what to do with that answer? So I mean obviously, when your friendsask you they are. They are asking you they are. They are well meaningwhatever, but you know jus the stranger how you doing. I take tit as a question that wants ananswer right, Rightyeh SOS gotta care about that. So you know what I substitute withHello Good Morning: It's a Pretty Day, I'm not walking and I pass Itit's apretty day today. I'v Acknowledge You, I see you, I'mgreeding you, but you know. Maybe this makes me sound,selfish, callous or hypocritical. I'm not in a position to help you withif.You tell me how you LAK right. No, it's that's a Valand statement. I actually that I should happen to be believe itor not. I was I was walking about and I'm somewhat recognized where I liveand you know someone someones like hey. I said Hello, how are you and then they?You know not well and I'm like, Oh boy, because you're right, I'm my degree isnot. I have no medical degree whatsoever, so I really can't I can Ican all I can give you as a hang in there or something like that. T Athat's not going to help you so so I you're right. You could be opening up acan of worms when you ask that question Ha. I recently talked to a friend ofmine who is an owner of one of the restaurant brewries in the Rochster area, and fortunatelyshe had to close things down for because of this and believe she'sopening up in a small capacity now she's doing Lak guy, you know, handsfree pick up our delivery services, but she said h'sshe's just been sad becauseyou know that atmosphere, especially if you work in a restaurant or a barorlike that, it's a very social atmosphere and if you're a socialperson and all of a sudden, you lose that social atmosphere it it can wearon you hit, could definitely wear in you. I think we talked about this a coupleweeks ago, so wet all the settles and people think about one of the lessonsof this, and do we look at incarceration and do something about solitary confinement yeah? That's because the funny thing is. I know wedid talk about this. I think on the show, and also off off air before the funny thing about solitaryconfirement in jail. Is it's forty, eight million times worse than this? IsRight because you don't have you don't have the luxuries of cable televisionor just getting up and walking around, or even I mean, even though you can'tinteract Wi people, you can still drive to store or go somewhere. If you wantto that, you can't do that in jail. You literally see nobody, but that ut,but the word who walks trou the wardn but the prison guard, whoever want whowalks b every once in a while and the walls. That's really pretty much hatyou see in solitary and yeah. What does that do you mentally?Because that's that's! That's like this time's, a million. You know yeahexactly so. What do we? How are we going to berethinking an awful lot about the way we live and if we don't, if it's, if it's Great Win, gl back? Oh,that was horrible. That was that was... the wizard that didn't end and I'mso glad now I shoveled ut my drivewy, and I can forget, forget about that. Ithink we missed BU to look at look at things that you know, healthdisparities, that we that we've talked aboutit. How do we address? How do weDDRESS that? How do we address mental health? People in the mental healthcommunity think this has been good is not. The right wordenlightening for people for mental health, because now more people areaware of mental health needs and what is because we have to pay for all ofthis somehow have to pay for covid that billis going to come, do and allthe other things we're not going to be able to do because of the Lat of fund,because we have to pay the bills for COVID. Is Everything just going to getpushed aside again and then what opportunity have we lost yeah andI talked about that earlies show. I do think that, because of the economicdisparity, that Covid is caused, that that's going to be pushed to the front,obviously over anything and a lot of other things are going to be pushtiside or even forgotten, ut, because the focus is going to be about you knowgetting our economy back up and running. So I mean just personal question: How is how is doingthese zoo things, for you? Does that keep you, because you can obviouslywhith your with your friends who have technology. You can do like zoommeetings and stuff like that, and you still have this kind of interaction. I you can see them, butit's not. I mean Henot sitting next, O you in the room does that does thathelp at all? I don't do any outside of work. I don't do any zoom I didn' Do I did want. I did one with aasume conversation. Manyou know it just it Oo. You know who do I I couple neighbors that I walkwith Yohow. We practiced it Diitin sure absolutely Wecanoyo walkand you wer amask or brot hits it's. So I've spoken to a couple of psychiatrists,professionally heyr profession online. Even if I had no, but I was doing somesome morticle. So I talked to a couple psychiatrists and each of themindependently said social distancing is not a greatphrase. They prefer physical distance yeah each of them. It is funny when Iburn it from the first one. Then I've heard it from the second one I textedthe first one as the second one was talking, and I said: Hey do you knowthis guy he's talking about physical distancing is as well so I kind of like that were physically there's a proximity. U You know physically. Our proximity is further apart, butthat shouldn't make us Distan Yep. No. I agree. I think that I should havebeen called that in the first place, because you don't want to and because aphone call social you know, so you don't want to dissit yourself from thephone call yeah that you're right. It's the the physical touching in thephysical interaction is what we're trying to avoid we're not trying toavoid actually talking to people, maybe that maybe now people realize that, butmaybe at the beginning. That was a problem and maybe that led to somepeople's that feeling of isolation by the way Wwhen I joke their profession. If Mine, you know what see, whoever you need to see to to helpyourself through this time. I I you know for years I on off with thecounselor for grief and loss and various things, and we are back on ourschedule and it's helpful to me so definitely find whatever the professionals are,who are going to help you, through whatever difficulty mental health,physical health, counselors, whoever... can find t e Houou talk to you know to do that, but yeah think ofit. I mean, if you're struggling with that, just try to substitute the wordphysical for social, a makes I lest thing I want to ask you before webefore we get to break here after this ends. Whenever it ends,whenever we are back to doing things that we normally do, I wonder how things are going to change.I wonder if people after, even if there's a vaccine that comes out, whichwho knows how on that's going to be, I don't want to think I don't want to putin anyone's mind that that's happening ne time soon, I'm just saying even if avaccine happens and H and and and we found a way to avoid gettingthis in the future, what is the impact on people after this ere people goingto be changed forever or they going to jump back jump right back into allthings where I'm just d? I'm just curious about that. You know I thanpeople ask me that. Would you go to a restaurant? The bad question asked me:I don't go to restaurants much anyway G Y myelfia lot of Fu, so that kind ofthing I do when I go to you know I don't there's a lone of things. I don'tdo that. The rest of the world does e movies ae go restaurants. In occasion Igo out to hear some live music. When I do that again, you know, probably because what I mean, why not you know, take take theprecautions, trusting that the people who again have my health- hopefullythey have all the domains of my health and my nat. Just my physical health andmind ardoing the reopening and saying we can do things in reasonable. You know scientific ways why? No, I don't I mean I don't think we need tohave movie theaters open right away. Before be honest with you. I think thatthat kind of thing- an Wai I wore parttime in a gym that I got to tellyou it's probably going to be one of the last places that reopen simplybecause of there is no way to be physically distant, yeah, that's herfacility. So I don't see that opening for be nice if it open by the fall, but Idon't I'm not holding out much hope that I think it's going to be up toeverybody's sort of riskbenefit tolerance. I don't think people shouldbe sloppy. I still think you know we should always be washing ou hands,yeahbe, sneezing and coughing into into the cook of your elbow ymeane thingshat. You should do all the time right. Maybe this Li go risk o sharing.You know whan to overshare right, you don't want to sell, don't oversharedon't take im from for lother people. That's the great social experiment thatthat's what that's what we don't know. I Tel Yo, something I could be askedwith you patty. I missed the gym. I listen a lot I was. I was doing well atthe gym. I actually just yesterday when went to my doctor just for a routinecheck up and overall health, I'm good, but I am up I'm up a few bounds. I you what's the walking, I mean ableto go out N Walki able to get out yeah. I can, and I do every once in a while,but it's that when I was at the gym I was doing you know I was doing weights.That was doing all types of things and I was there it's for me. What I'm atthe gym is a different mindset than when I'm outside when I'm at the gym.My mind says you're here you need to put in the work you know when I'moutside is like. Oh, it's, nice I'll, think Youl Lusualy walk and I don'tknow how long the walk is. Sometimes it's a decent one. UFFENCE is not, butI've also. I definitely can tell you I'm not eating the healthiest either.So I think I don't know something aboutbeing at the gym. Kept my whole everything focus on. I was Stokinsomeone I was eating in Wasl focused on everything and now I'm kind of like. OhYou, I'm doing a lot of things and a lot of shows are recording just UF fromhome. So when I get a break, I just...

...kind of scarp something down and I getback to work. You know so it's it's. I MISSD te Jim Panny. I missed itso much. I guess now now the personal trainer in me would come on and say,allright. So how can you turn your house into your gem right? How can you?How can you turn the outside into the gym when you go for a walk, you know,Youve got ta do say you only have twenty minutes for awalk. How far can you go in this twenty minutes and then how far the next timeyou have twenty minutes? Can you go you know and and measure some er things?What I owel often tell people is when you're out for a Walkin, theneighborhood, you have lots of landmarks and you can use your treestophone pot whatever. So, if you find yourself leisurely walking when you setsome markers like do, do an interval basically from this tree to the end ofthe Blok, I'm GOINTA Walk Faster Right Soyou, so your mix or you're, almostturning in your tug. Turning in your walk into a gym, Workout Lik picking,thingguy going to walk faster between here and here I can sor down and thenmy intervals of slowness will be owy. I have to walk fast between five trees. Ican walk fow between two trees. You know and play games with Yourselfan andbecause you don't know what y Goin totack to the gym. That sounds likeit's important to you. How do you turn to every day? Inoe GymRight? You know what I needed that motivation ' going to tra, especially with theweather, getting better on the Tryig to start doing more of that, but yeah Iwas. I was sad because I made so much progress at the gym. All of a suddenHewas a go looks like you're up a fume Darnit, but you know what Maybbe Af fat r to find ways that you can take thatGim attitude, because he jim is just a building, but the attitude you have allthe time. Yes, then I do know that's true too. It's it's funny that how mymy mindset changes when I'm in a specific building. It should not itshouldn't really matter, but I don't know why it did it. It did. Buthopefully I could I again that's the whole mental thing. Hopefully I canswitch that around to and and fix that as us, Yal, patty or you're always full of information, andI appreciate everything again: Real Quicky Preminder, you can listen. Youcan see all of these stories that Patty has talked about on this show on theminorty reporter datthat make sure you go there and definitely subscribe th.The stories are are catered to our local area. So it's, I think I thinkit's a fantastic paper and I think you will too Sol give it a chance ubscribeto that, and also you can listen to Patty on our website inside the margins,radiocom and also an IHEART and Patty. Once again. Thank you so much for beingwith us today, Y Queion, that all right, when we come back another clip from the roxty showcase and we'll see whowe're talking about who we're talking to this week, will be right. BHAC, doyou have a topic that you would like discussd on inside the margins? Wewould love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, comments, morequestions to inside margins at GMAILCOM, welcome back to inside the margins.Okay, real quick! I want to send a shout out to the black craft beerlovers and also the rock city beer, facebook pages for sending pictures andand also suggestions for some of the most delicious beers around this cityand pretty much in the country as far as it comes to craft peer and- and Iwas inspired to do my own thing because of those pages Iactually was- I actually received a kit for my wife- It s a Mr Beerkit, it's akid that you can use to make your own beer at home and we have a lot of timeright now to kill. So I figured why not I'll go ahead and make my own beer, soI'm going to document that process and put it on our new Ou tube page for therock city showcase.

It's going to be the rockthe showcase,Ifou willsearch it on the youtube channels, and it's going to be thecrack beer, chronicles, I'm going to document the whole process of makingthis craft beer at my house. It's going to be an IPA also. I think what I'mgoing to do, maybe monthly, as I'm going to do a review on a craft beer. Ijust to inspire everyone to try new things. You know, God we're stuck athome. So why not try, know it exciting things and- and I think craft beer isdelicious and it's a great way to pass the time. I just want to mention thatreal, quick, all right, let's go ahead and play a clip from the rock city showcaseby the way. If you don't know by now, you can get the rock city showcase.PODCAST, pretty much anywhere is found everywhere right now you can find it on.I hurt radio or the IHURT APP for your smart phone, whether it's Android oriphone. It's on Google on Itunes, it's on it's everywhere, pretty much whereveryou get your podcast, you can get the rock city showcase, podcast, and alsoit's on our website at inside the margins Radiocom, as well as inside theMericans of course. So you can check it out there, just one mak sure you knewthat before we played this clip our next guests on the podcast is volatile.He is a hiphop producer, a hiphop artist and a real estate agent, andthat show should be released, probably tomorrow on the rock city showcase, sostay tuned for that, but that for now here's a clip from the rock cityshowcase, and with that I will say good bye and we will see you next week takecare. This is the rock city showcase. Youhave worked with a lot of people, there's a lot of people all across theboard in the local et scene and also at other atmospheres of a hiphop. Youworke Ala ton of people who- or this is pra GNA- be hard foryou to answer that WHO's Ik who's, O your favorite people, Yeah. You knewwhat you know what was coming: Yeahyour favorite people that you worked withbefore yeah. I know man, these interviews, they always make you pickstuff and I know hat you know I really enjoydworking with rex last year, number one because we did a adult wrector togetherin number two, because we did the video for it and I actually got so. You talkabout one of my favorite songs of all Thia and now you know I'm not justsaying that Owa to gash you up mat, because I know that is one of yourfavorite records, but it was cool to to hang out with him and and he was reallydown to Earth and everything- and you know we really kind of spent the daytogether and then actually kind of forgot about it too. We did theshow here up in Rochester last October. So add him up for a showto so you know I kind of built a relationship with him which was pretty dulp because numberone he's an MC that I enjoyed and you know then I was able to do a recordwith thim so yeah but yeah other than that. You know. If I had to pick people,I think you know I'm probably going to pick Gol then, because that's my six,you know I love, I love working with her and every time we have a session,it's Hilarious, because we just go back and forth. You knowasits, really likeait', really like a sibling, sibling thing man. So I always enjoy workingwith her and she's dope. She don't let me down on the Mike, so you know that's probably important aspart of the criteria. So, okay. So ' Let's talk about some ofthe prodest that I've heard no actually before anding old there. I want to talkabout something an I'm, I'm still sad about, because I never had anopportunity relly to take part of, because I was just kind of coming updoing my own thing. At the same time where you were blowing up at Budda- ohyeah, yes, huge and everyone was going... the you had all these shows and allthese different artists showcase at Buddhapub- and I know I was supposed tobe there for one of the there was a forgot- what it was as supposed tojudge something I could know yeah that was th. That was the bee battle. Thatwas yeah and I was like okay next, no matter what happens next, I'm Gona bethere, and then it was over man yeah. You do youmiss that partmenbecause. Ithought there was alot of DP thingshappnat that you know that's a classic example oflike really getting ahead of steam and then just like hitting the wall. Man,because that that just kind of got pulled out from under US man and it was crumy because we got pulled outfrom under US and, like you said it was, it was going for almost basecy abouttwo and a half years yeah. You know we did. We did a ton of shows,we did the MONTHLYS, and then we also did like a lot of one off shows liketdetermine. Reck show to be battled, but more than anything it was, it wasreally picking up steam towards the end. I think you know in the last year,because we did a lot of more. We did a lot more branching out as far asupstate goes and try to incorporate more people from Buffalo, moreconsistent people serus more consistently. You know the goal was always just tobring in more people, bringing all the people that you can and kind of unitethe scene, because everyone was doing doke stuff in their own right. So you know, obviously you know you knowabout buffalo and all the dopecast at e got of their aside from from Brazilda.You know, but them included as well. You know sojust caused todating that scene for so long was really dope to me and I'm gladto be a part of it that wasn't briaht about which, like you said that itdidn't go away or that we had no alternative. No, unfortunately, sincethen we just haven't had a Venu, that's willing to do the same. Give us the same type ofopportunities that we do. You have a topic that you wouldlike discussd on inside the margins. We would love to hear from you. Pleasesend your thoughts, comments or questions to inside margins at gmailcom.

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