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Fight at the Mall in Greece


We end 2020 with discussion on the fighting at the mall in Greece and the arrival of the vaccines. 

Inside the margins is sponsored by salvators. I just took in dnatus. Turns out I'm a hundred percent rochas sir. That's right, I got seven Hundredzero matches. We are all COOGIE's. I can't wait to shook your hand. Oh wait, I can't, but I can feed you salvators famous full and you touchless delivery. So those thecom marginalized groups can be the target of negative beliefs, behaviors or judgments from others. On this show we seek out marginalized voices and perspectives and tackle some of the conflicts and issues these groups face. Now is the time to have your voice heard. This is inside the margins with your host, Matt Wilson. Hello and welcome to the last edition of inside the margins of the year. Yeah, We survived two thousand and twenty. Somehow we are still here. It's Matt and I'm here with Patty today and yeah, we still got a lot of things happening in the news. First of all, I know it's been a long time since the buffalo bills have been AC champions, so that's pretty cool thing. And tonight, Monday night, they're going to be playing the Patriots who were the former AFC champions for the last fifteen years. So that's cool to see the transition of the buffalo bills, even though it's kind of a weird football season. So good luck to the bills either way. I wish him look. Obviously it's the home team saw will definitely wish them luck also. Real quick before we get into the news, a little sad think that I did want to mention. There was a Rochter and mcquaid graduate. Is Name is John Hoober and he wrestled under the name Brodie Lee. He wrestled for the WWE and he wrestled for a w and he was a huge, big named wrestling person that came from Rochester. So it was good to see someone local do that. And unfortunately he passed away from an illness, some sort of lung illness. It was non covid related, but he was only forty one years old. So it was sad. I know he had a lot of fans here in Rochester, so it was sad to see someone like that past so young. So just wanted to just mention that. You know our thoughts are with you, with John's family and again I know the he had a big impact and Rochter. So I just want to mention that. We definitely he will be missed by that community. All right. So now let's go ahead and get into some news. There's some troubling, trouble happening at the malls and we're going to have to get into that. And also, of course, covid is still here, even though we keep hearing what these vaccines and the vaccines are now being distributed. It to the to the people on the front lines and nurses and doctors. So we'll talk about that as well. But before we get into that, let's go ahead and get into some news with the minority reporters. Petty Singer, hello and good afternoon to you, Patty. Hi that so we had a we had a little break in our action mine already. Reporter. We had a double issue last week which we focused on a lot of Quanza quans and news at is still the available our website. You can still see some of that information and and I want you do all the subscription information about that. You do that so well. About you. Thank you. CRIBE and and that and get that issue and get a lot of information about about quantit stories. To wrap up, for it, but still still important values that should be practiced throughout the year, not just for a few days every year. Absolutely, I totally agree with that and you know that's part of my spiel. I will definitely do that after the news. All right, Patty, I know it's not not a hugely eventful week, not allot of things happening, but I did want to talk about like I said, we're going to talk about what happened at the malls. Malls obviously are busy times of the year right now because you know, first there's a shopping and the people go back to the malls the return on the stuff that they didn't want from Christmas, in the holidays. And there was some trouble at the mall. Looks like a few kids gotten to a scrimmage or some sort of scuffle at the Food Court of the grease effort them. It was the mall in Grease, I believe, and that that fight kind of spread out throughout the mall and security try to break it up a few times of the fight kept re igniting in different spots of the mall. So finally the mall was closed due to the fighting. And I I don't like this at all. Obviously number one is during the holiday. So that's definitely not a good time to see this happening, you know, especially when you're trying to this is supposed to be the time where it's unity and love and family and all that stuff. So when you see this, it's it's a bad look, Patty. Well, it is, and it's all right now. You...

...know, I was the Middle Age White woman say this. You know, the video I saw was of young black people. Not a good walk or and not a good look for you. There's young white people and if it's in a rural area, I mean, this is not what is going what is going on here? The video clips I saw very few masks. In fact, it was one point where I saw a TV interview where somebody walked by in the back and actually their masks down. Yeah, so you know, there's that issue and there's the point of I don't know, Matt you you you tell me. I my like I said, my you know, growing up and not not a real suburb. It was a city, but it wasn't the main city of my state. Growing up, we didn't really have at the time we would have of malls and sense until I would probably close to years. It just wasn't part of what you know what the consumer broket you know what the consumer landscape looked like? I don't know. I don't know that I can really speak to this, but you know, perhaps you can't. As someone looking at this, you know, all the stereotypes just come trotting up. Yeah, yes, with with what I saw in the video of the fight, I cannot avoid the stereotypes and that's not a good thing. Yeah, no, I'm glad you brought that up because I will speak on that, Patty. It's a horrible look and I'll explain why. Because right now, and has been for a while especially, there's the George Floyd thing that kind of ignited this whole thing. Then it was Daniel prude locally that that that put some more pressure on things to change as far as civil rights right. And so we have the protest and there's the whole defund the police movement that's out there. So here you are talking about defunding the police, right, and then at the mall we have these kind of things happen. So people aren't going to take your message seriously if you're saying we should have less police involvement and those kind of things. So things escalate to a to a deadly, I guess, instance. But when you do things like in a mall, it's going to to you know, people are going to see what we need, obviously because of this. We need police that, there's, there's, you know. So you're shooting yourself in the foot when you do things like this. Now here's the thing, Patti, and this, and this was makes it sadder people who are of my age. I'm in my I'm in my forties. Lights I would I'm this is me generalizing in statement, but I always should assume people are older probably understand this. It's the younger people that's that. Sometimes their actions don't match the energy at their energy that they put out. They get things changed. If you want things changed, you have to make sure that your actions reflect why things should change. If you, if you, it's hard to defend anything when you see that. I of course, obviously you are. Even though you are a white village female, you are still a female. So you have gone through some things yourself, right, and your work environment and just going through life. I'm sure you've had to deal with issues that, thankfully, have gotten a little better, but still can get better and the same thing. As an Africanamerican male, I go through it as well. But if you want, if you want to do things in a positive way, to get the things changed, you will have to also portray yourself as a positive person who are its doing good things. So if you're going out and getting into fights at the malls in the middle of the holidays, during that, during a pandemic, not Mirrogan mask, that's a bad look on any time a movement that you're trying to do exactly I mean. And you know, at some point maybe some of the people involved will say what it was that you know got this whole thing started, and you cool heads will say, well, there's no, there's no excuse for that kind of behavior. But there's in listening to what you were saying. There needs to be a consistency between your your your words and your actions. And this this, I don't know what this is. Well, we're going to we're going to go here. Let's let's see if we if we can back whatever. I don't know if it's if it's the right analogy, but to say we want to protest George Floyd and Daniel prude in other instances and we want them to be peaceful protests and then, well, whatever reason, whatever sites is violent. How do then the people who want the peaceful protest step up and continue to make it peaceful? So they were from again, what I saw on the... clips wasn't like they were protesting anything at the mall. Something happened and it just and it just got out of hand. But where is it that the D escalation techniques that people want police to use should didn't we first use them on ourselves? I'm not Christian, but isn't there are some sort of saying let peace begin with me, is it there? Isn't that part of some kind of liturgy of something? So if I want police to learn d escalation, in whatever situation that is, don't I need to de escalate myself, or why should I expect anybody else? Did you escalate? Nope. That's a very, very, very good point and actually I want to break that down, but we're going to take a break first before we do that. Before we take a break, here's where I do the plugs. Patty right here. So, as Patty said, as Patty said earlier, minority reporter was off, so there wasn't any updated headlines. However, they're still are great stories. They're still some great things on the mine reporter this week. Week you could check out or if you missed anything from the past few weeks. This was a twoeek episode, so our tweek paper print, I guess, put out there. So if you want to check out any of those story still the ones that we talked about last week as well, go to minor reporter dotnet. You get the full versions of all those stories. Also, you will have the option to subscribe to the minority reporter. I myself do subscriber to that. I actually know a few other people who do as well. It's a great way to keep yourself informed and to get information that matters to you about your community. So that's definite. Fully a suggestion that I will make is to go ahead and take that option to subscribe and as well, if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions for stories, always willing to listen to you. If you go ahead and submit that information to editor at minority reporter DOTNET, they will get back to you as far as your suggestions and also what you want to hear. Always willing to listen to you so we can they can put out the best stories that reflect your interests. And also, if you do miss any episodes of inside the margins, you can go to our website at inside the margins RADIOCOM. Every single episode that we've done can be found there. You can also go to iheartcom or wherever you get your podcast to get the episodes as well. We certainly can hear from you as well. There's a context section on inside the MARGINSCOM where you can contact us or you can email me directly, which is Matt Wilson at inside the margins RADIOCOM. Okay, Patty, we're going to take a quick break and when we get back we will discuss the whole thought process of maybe self d escalation. I think that's great and I want to get into that when we come back. This is inside the margins. Inside the margins. It's sponsored by salvators. For more information done, foods offered and locations near you, visit Salvatorscom. Welcome back to inside the margins. I'm here with Patti. Okay, Patty. Before we went to break we were talking in regards to there was talk about having people besides police to come in to d escalate situations. So they don't end in and in violence or fatality. And we were talking about the fights that happened at the Grease Ridge Mall and you had made a great point. You were talking about selfde escalation. So, especially if you're in a large group. Now, again, I know a lot of people who are younger don't think in this aspect, but I think they should. I think you should at least have a couple people in your group just say hey, you know this guy sometimes gets a little crazy, so let's have some people that we can we can turn to in our group that can maybe talk to him and chill them out a little bit before things get a little crazy. I think that's an excellent suggestion, just if you're going to go out in a group and you know that one person, especially if your friends. You know your friends right, so you know if you have a hothead and your friendship and your group so that usually a hothead has a front also that can kind of keep them in check. You should have somebody like that in your group to avoid situation like this. If you unless you're all hot heads, then obviously there's nothing. There's nothing we could do. But you're right, there's there should be somebody in your group to try to keep people in check. If even at work, right, there's there's a when people are at work, there's always somebody that, if someone's going to getting a pushing things a little too far or maybe seeing jokes that are kind of been appropriate, usually someone who's kind of friends with both people hating and you it's coming down a little bit. So so you don't so you don't act out too much. You need that in the group so you can you can avoid situation like that. So, but you're right. If you if you can't self discipline yourself in that aspect, people...

...aren't going to take you seriously and they won't contact people who can de escalate to you, and it mean it may not be the people that you want to have there. Well, yeah, I mean it's when when you were talking about, you know, have somebody in your group. I sort of like a designated driver right when you're all about when you're twenty one, you understand right, and you have somebody will say they'll be the designated driver that time, so they won't have anything to drink and they can get anybody home, hopefully safely. You know, it's the same thing is there's somebody who's going to be be looking out to see if you know, and wherever. You could be the movie theater, you get a coffee, shopping, be anywhere where. Somebody just just rub somebody the wrong way and and sparks fly and things happen. So, but let's go to what you're saying. So again, the news clip I saw appeared to be police there. Yeah, in a in a reimagine the public safety situation, would there be mental health and social workers sent to that as well, or youth specialist scent as well? Would that is that part of reimagining public safety and we're not going to talk. We're going to think of it a public safety standpoint, not just policing. But do you have okay, the call comes in. There appears to be disturbants at the mall there, and again I did hear the call. This is why I'm just imagining how to listen to Shure An, you know, group of Teens Fighting Grease Bridge Mall. So the way things happen now, the despatge, nine hundred and eighty one dispatches police. So if we have reimagined policing and Greece has a grease has its own police, but it's not like the sheriff would come in. Right, but right, the folks in Greece again. The way it stands now, police have to make the call to the forensic intervention team, which sounds those are the mental health people, right, please, have to make the call. They are not dispatched together. Police make the call in a reimagined police we have a fight at the mall, should police think automatically, hey, let's get some youth specialists in here, let's let's go in with them so it's not just us, you know, trying to break this up. But the other thing too, is the scene has to be safe. What I saw again, the news clip I saw, and we know what news clips are going to do, right, they're going to show you what they want to show you to continue to get you riled up. And is what this truth you speak of? The Truth? Wait, so, so and even someone's facebook clip, even someone who posts on facebook, is not going to show everybody just sort of sitting around afterwards. Right. So is it safe at that point for someone mental health person to walk in and go hey, so, what's going on? What triggered all this? Is that the time for that? In the in the immediacy of trying to calm everything down, or is it as it calmed down by law enforcement, who then says, Hey, listen, I got Matt Patti over here just, you know, they're just, you know, they work with their working making it up up ahead for some point, some place. It just giving examples. They so why don'd you go over, you know, go sit with them for a second, talk to them if you don't want to talk to me, you know, and and handle it that way. So here's an opportunity, I think, sitting in my living room, to look at that as an example of reimagining police. Will will people who were calling for reimagining police in the narrow focus of police and interactions where the physical force, you know, where they're looking only through that Damiel proved Lens Right, look at this is this is an example of that. They're looking only, you know, if we're going to look at mental health, we got to look at a whole range of mental health. We can't just look at somebody who may be using drugs on the street, violent or not violent, you know, in that situation where they need to be sort of taken into custody. Going to look at the whole range of mental health. This is a little more complex, I think, than people were were would want it. Think it? Think that it is. No, I agree with you and I think you're right and and okay. So in an instance like this, where the people who are fighting, and again, this is the clip that I saw, and you're absolutely right, media out let's usually show you the most action in the clips. Right, that's that's because that's what's going to get you to watch it. So who knows exactly how it started or how it ended? Really always saw this pretty much the middle part of the fighting. But you're right, people who are younger tend to interact with people who are considered enforcement or people who have those kind of that figure of power. I guess they look at them a differently than...

...they look at like a youth council or something like that. I think you're right. So that would that's a great question. And when you see something like this happen, how is the how is the response to and don't know, this is just my thought process. If you're going to reimagine the policing, I still think that you still would have to have police be there initially because you want to make sure everything safe right. If you just throw if you just throw on the specialists or the the people that that are out there to kind of talk and figure out what's going on, you put them out there and let's say someone who was fighting has a weapon on them and they pull that out, now you have a completely worse situation because now you have people who aren't prepared to handle that kind of violence interacting in a violent situation. So this is just me speaking. This is my opinion. It's not the opinion of anybody else. I let make sure that that it's out there. In my opinion, the first response should probably be by some sort of law enforcement just to survey the scene to make sure it's safe to send anybody else in their first now, after it's deemed safe, you then could have some sort of specialist come in there who can actually talk and figure out what's going on. Why I got to that? Because you're right, those the kids were fighting may not want to talk to the police about the situation. They just may be angry. Then they see the police and that gets him in another frame of mind. So having some sort of specialists after this, the the initial chaos has calmed down. I see no problem with that, but I don't think you should throw any sort of specialist who was not prepared to encounter extreme violence thrown into that for a first but that's just my opinion. Well, because you don't know when something is going to turn violent. You don't know. You never know's the point that former mailed mayor Johnson made when they went Adam Bellow County executive talked about, you know, enhancing this this mental health response or whatever in social work. As the former mayor said, you don't know when something's going to turn so to send people in there who are not trained, who are not armed, you if something were to happen, then then how'sn't been to feel about this? Well, it has to be a team approach. Now, if you want to send somebody a social work in first, then law enforcement maybe is fifty feet behind, right, but they're there. There, there they are, they are in the proximity. So if they have to respond, there's not another call that needs to be made to get them there. That's the first problem, right, police have to call mental health, so it takes time to get that person there. You don't want to have more time than necessary lapse before you get the proper person to handle the situation. Now. The other thing is that I'm sure these young people at some point where identified if they are Greece residents. Well, it were on break, so, but they still have Greece has some in school learning. You know, there's there's some red these kids may be in school. Sure when they go back to school, meeting with the counselor if they are not in school, then still meeting with the counselor through some sort of online so my question is, what is the follow up on this? Yeah, Nope, that's the another very fair question, and you're right. I so the number one thought process that I was have is safety. We want everyone to feel safe, not just not just the police, not just the people who are fighting, but we don't want anyone and to get hurt in the situation where get seriously hurt in the situations, and you make an excellent point, and I think this is the point that people do not put in their head, is that you don't know when it's going to escalate. You just not like there's a there is a standard of when things begin to escalate. You don't know who is carrying and you don't know when they're going to decide to pull that piece out and and take it up, take a step further. You you'd have no idea. So it's really hard for I think it's hard for a social worker to be prepared for that situation. I think you have to have some sort of armed enforcement who was ready to encounter that, that type of violence. Now, can police go through some more training to understand how they should react as to that? You know, I know a lot of people think all cops are shoot first, ask question later, which, again, that's not that's not my opinion either. I think trust me, there are some cops that probably aren't the best out there as well. But I'm thinking should should the police go through some sort of sort of training to understand that deadly forces should should be the last resort? Sure, I'm not saying that's that's a bad idea either, but I'm saying when there is a violent outbreak in any anywhere, whether it's the...

...mall or the street or anything, wherever it's at, when there is a violent outbreak where security cannot control it, because that's what happened right more security was was having an issue controlling situation, they have to make a call. Who are they going to call? Are they going to call social workers to come in there while there is a violent outbreaks happening? I think it's a bad idea because again, little Freddie over there and who's fighting, all of a sudden, may temper me explode, pull out that gun and guess what, that's social worker that can't do the social work is not wearing body armor or has a piece on it. The social worker is now in a minute danger. So that is not what we want. We want everyone to be safe. I do want things to get better. I think everyone wants things to get better, but we have to do things in a smart way too, and it also comes down to the the individuals responsibility. You know how many, how many people get caught up when they see other things, you know, when they see things spirling like that, and how many people just want to remove themselves from that situation? I just want to get out of here right, right, right, you leave it and and let's not put any kindling, you know, on the fire. Right, and I'm not going to even stand here to be a spectator, to watch this. I am going to remove myself from the situation because I don't know when the spectator is going to become in participant right right, not by their own doing right right, and get swept up in it right. Yeah, it's a mess. Patty it again. So the things that I want to make sure that we get through. It's a bad look to do that. If you're listening to this program right now, number one. If you're listening to program thank you. Number two. Number two, if you're listening to program you probably have a pretty good head on your shoulders. You probably understand what's going on in your world. I would believe that. So you could be a person. You could be a person who can motivate change. If you have friends out there who you know like to get involved this situation like this, you could be the person to kind of chill that out. You could be the person, the voice of reason in your group, and and you should be. I don't want people to we don't want this kind of look to be out there in the community. If we're trying to make things better, we can't keep shooting ourselves on the foot. That's that's we got to stop doing that. We do that often. We're like, well, we're treated so unfair, things are so bad, and then we do something dumb and for the whole world to see. Right, it's a you can't, we can't keep doing that. If we want things to be changed, if we want things to change, we have to initiate change in ourselves, and that's my that's kind of what I want to get through on this and this piece on that and that mullins in it. All right, let's move forward and talk about covid now. I mentioned when the show started, patty, that the buffalo bills are now going to the air. Number One, the the AFC east champions, which is the first time they've done that in twenty five years, which is a feat in itself. Number two, this is the first time in fifth teen years that the Patriots will not be the APC champions. So I don't know if you heard this. I'm pretty sure you have, because you're very savvy, but governor Cuomo is considering allowing fans in the stadium to watch the game now. So so here's so here's the layout. I believe what is being tossed out there is that they're planning to test everyone before the enter I think is a proximately sick seven hundred people that he's letting in and they're supposed to be tested and then they're considering ways to contact, con attack trace them afterwards. I don't think this is a good idea, but I want to get your spent on this first patty. I have not heard anything so stupid this from my governor, who was taking the lead, and you know he's been criticized since marge for a lot of things that he has done, and even in my neighborhood. You know, reopen New York, all business is essential. So what, two weeks after, he told people that you can't go see grandma for Christmas. And Yeah, yeah, there's a tone in my voice people. Yep, is one of my voice. There's an attitude right now, two weeks after, you can't go see it. You see hug Graham off for Christmas, but you got to stay really in your own household for Christmas. He's going to let strangers gather it in a stadium. You can so shioot, you can physically distance them all you want. Who's going to be in the parking lot to police the tailgating right? Who's going to sell? They probably wouldn't have any concessions. You don't have that. I was in a state park the other day and it said, you know, one person at a time in the restroom. All right, that was Letchworth in the middle of winner. Not a big CRUP.

You're going to you're going to make two people at a time in the restrooms in a sense. But I go back to the main point of this. We are told to stay physically distant from the people we love, who want in our household, and you're going to open up the stadium for a football game. What planet did you just come from? And I and I read that the Erie County executive, I think it was the Erie County executive, says he doesn't want to weigh six thousand seven hundred rapid tests which only test you your negative at that moment. Right. That's you can. Apparently, according to what our health commissioner has said, the sweet spot is eight days after an exposure that you show do you show symptoms? Be while you're still shedding virus. They're where do I begin with? How Long Love Your Patty? Yeah, yes, I totally agree with you on this. So the or one you are. You made that put before I could about the the fact that covid does takes time to show. It isn't just because it's because you test negative at that point, does that mean you're not carrying it? Eight days later, you could all of a sudden be extremely sick. So you're that's a great point to make. Number One. Number two the the point that you made. I'm going to add on to that. Okay, so there's no concessions. You spread out these sixty seven hundred people in the stadium that can hold seventyzero. I get your thought process there. It's a big stadium. You think you can put these people out. It's a football game. Now, folks, I don't know if you ever been to one. I have. I've been to a bob up those game be four. People Consume Alcoholic Beverages in mass quantities at football games. I don't care if it's Seventyzero or sixty seven hundred. They do. That's good. What that's kind of part of what happens at the football game. Now, when the buffalo bills game is over, what do you think it's going to happen? Do you think people are going to congregate and continue to party after the game? I'm assuming yes. So there's no way. So perhaps you are even let's say for some there's some way that the stars all aligne and everything goes perfect. You're able to distance everyone in the stadium. You're able to somehow magically keep people too at a time in the bathroom. You're able to do all that stuff that I don't think you can do anyway. But let's say you can do that. After the game, what's going to happen? Where is people going? Where they're going to do? What if it's a if the bills win, they're not going to want to celebrate that win. What do they get? where? You they're going to go. They're going to party up somewhere right there. Can just go home safely and say yeah, good job, builds one. No, if you're it is a you're opening up Pandora's box when you do this. So I can I cannot agree with you more in this. Well, the other thing, too, is this is even down the list. How you're going to choose the six thous seven hundred people? Yeah, a lottery, or is it going to be or is it going to be favored? You know, all the politicals get to go. Everybody who knows the governor is going to going to get to go. It is it takes too much energy yeah, they better be spent on other things that we need to spend the energy on. Right now. It's a football game. People, people continue to die in nursing homes. People continue not to be able to see their loved ones in nursing homes. Let's get some priorities here. You're right, this is football. It can be on TV. Advertisers will buy commercials. You can still buy their products, right. So in that sense we're preserving that part of the of the economy. If you don't have any concessions going in the stadium for safety reasons, and I'm assuming they wouldn't know that, that's an asumption on my part, because you don't want people congregating. So having fans in the stadiums isn't helping your concessionaires any no one's making money off of that, right. I mean, I wants to going to go have one concession person per section's going to take orders. I mean, I can't see how concessions would work. I somebody can tell me. Holly would, and I know that makes sense. Okay, I'm just not seeing that right now when this conversation. No, we are resources are already stretched too thin for this. Yeah, I say no things. That the things other alternatives you could do. Perhaps is maybe yet one of those drive in theaters, have the game on a big screen or something like that, where people can drive up and watch it that way. But yet the fact that football is still being played and you still can watch it on TV is great. Okay, I was I didn't know if that was gonna happen when the season first started. So the fact that football still being play you can still watch it, just why make why put yourself in a situation where you're just opening up this whole area whe bad things can happen? I think that's a bad idea. I'm happy for the bills.

I'm not. You know, it's great that that they're doing so well. It's great that they're they're AFC champions, AFC east champions for the first time in twenty five years, and I know, I know how bad the local fans want to be there to support the bills. I get it, I I totally get it. But the whole season is we have not been able to do it. Why change that now? I don't understand why all of a sudden that this is now all good time to do no, watch the game at home or, like I said, maybe open up a few drive in the leaders where people can watch it in their cars, you know, I mean hank their horns with a touchdown, scores, with whatever, do things like that. That that will give you some interaction with fans, I guess, and still keep people, you know, in their cars and kind of distant, but don't do the stadium thing. I think it's a bad idea. Let's it's a horrible I guess what, Governor, what are you thinking? So yeah, I will to be continuing of that. He it's not been approved or denied. He's it's in consideration process right now. The whole vaccine thing, patty now looks like that. We've already had it implemented in Rochester. Finally, some of the first responders, the nurses and the doctors have gotten vaccinated. So we don't know the answer to this. I just want to add. This is a question that I heard a couple of people ask. I want to get your opinion on this. When the vaccine is fully available to everybody, do you think employers can tell their employees they must be vaccinated or they cannot enter their place of work? I don't know enough about labor law to know if somebody can do that. I mean they can mandate you can't smoke on the premises right. I'm sure there are some employers that are there are looking at that. I just don't know enough about labor law to know if they could do that. I don't know if I say could only a prop if that's the case, could only a private employer do it? Government would not be able to do it. Yeah, you'd say, you work for the county or the city. Could the city or county say we're mandating it, but you know, Matt Wilson's tire store or whatever can yeah, can stay. They're going to do that because it's a private employer. That's a lot of you know, the health systems don't. The hell systems can't mandate the flu. If you don't in a normal year, if you don't get the flu vaccine, they make you wear a mask and you know right, all of that stuff. And the people who did get the flu shot have a little thing on their badge saying I got flu shot. So I don't even know it's the hospitals can mandate right now. Right now it is not. They can't mandate it. The sometimes I have seen people talk about the vaccines that have been approved. There is we maybe splitting hairs here. The vaccine has emergency use authorization. HMM, okay, so the FDA is allowing this under emergency use authorization. I believe that is different than they have approved it. You know what origin proved. If it were to be approved, then I think we can have start to have the discussion of whether it can be mandated. And again I'm still not sure about that. For what I've been told listening to some of these news conferences, emergency youth emergency use authorization. The vaccine cannot be mandated under that. I'm going to say authorization for use. Catcha Gotcha. Yeah, I didn't think steps to go before we're talking about mandate. Yeah, I didn't even think about that. The fact that it's been authorized for emergency use that because that means there's there's probably a further approval process. I'm assuming that the FDA has got to put it through for it to actually be approved fully by the FDA. So I guess you're right. You wouldn't be able to mandate an emergency again, I'm not versed in this area either, but but it would make sense that you wouldn't be able to mandate something that's only been authorized for emergency use, and so I guess that brings another question. If it's authorized for emergency use, that means obviously it's it's going to remain something optional for people to take, and I what I heard was something like seventy or eighty percent of the population would have to take it for it to be effective enough to rid us of, I guess, the pen mix state. But I've heard...

...a lot of controversy, and I'm sure you have to in regard to this virus, sorry, this this vaccine. A lot of people don't want to take it, have no plan to taking it there because they don't because the trust in the process of getting this vaccine out and the trust in the government in general is not there. So they plan on not taking it. So I guess this is I this is another those loaded questions that you love. Do you you this is only speculation, because you you won't know. So I'm just asking your opinion. Do you see by this time next year that we will be finally out of this, or do you think that people's push back on the vaccine may cause this to go on a little longer. I think as people see others get the vaccine with minimal side effects, I think they are going to want it. So I think that will be I think at some point the herd immunity will be people will people will see others get it not have any problems and say okay, I'll get it because I really don't want to have the mask. I we missed Easter dinner too. I mean enough, enough, is enough of so so so one of the stories that will be coming up in a future a minority reporter is a conversation with Phillis Jackson and from the into Denominational Health Ministry coalition. She founded that talking about. She's now she's going to serve on the governor's Task Force for a vaccine equity and her point is she's not telling people to get a vaccine, she's telling people to get information make the decision that is best for them. She's also urging if you don't want the vaccine, don't go telling a bunch of people not to do it. Let people make up their own minds. Or she says, everybody influences somebody. And just so I'm not going to I'm going to man if you say I'm not going to do it, then you're listening to that. I'm going to do it. If you say I'm going to do it, some of your listeners will do what. Some will think he's crazy and not listen to show. You say, you know, I'm going to do it for me because it's right for me. Here are places where you, dear listener, can get the facts right. Make up your own mind. Stop being you know, the herd that we have now is that the facebook heard. I, the instagram heard, social media herd. Then everybody. I see it there and somebody posted on facebook that it can do this that, or, you know, the third and I'm not going to do it because I saw it on facebook. Well, who posted it on facebook? Yeah, you know, come on, people, we're smarter than this. Yeah, facebook is not a new site. FACEBOOK is a social media platform at anybody, any sting will perse came, but whatever they want to on there. There are some news organizations that do use facebook on to, you know, promote their actual news sites, but the vast majority of facebook is just people like myself or whoever, that just post whatever they want to on there. So make sure your fact checked everything through. It's well, you know, and they may post a news article that may come from some sort of anti VACs or conspiracies. He may post some somebody else may post something that comes from the CDC. I mean, you've got to pay attention to this, you've got to become a critical thinker and you got to make up your minds on this. Do not be influenced unduly even by, you know, even by celebrities who are taking the vaccine. Right, they said to say they're going to find people who are going to do, you know, public vaccine and you should take it whatever. Think about it. For it for yourself and think about everything for yourself, and this goes back to what we started out with. If you're in the mall and some of your friends are fighting, think about what you want for you right, right, do you want to be involved with that or do you want to keep yourself out of trouble? Hey, before we go, I wanted to ask you, because I know you took it. You took part in the vaccine trials. Speaking of vaccines, how are you feeling? Any anything, anything happening with you? Everything, everything all good on your on your end. I got I've got my second appointment later this week to get the continuation of whatever I got the first time. So well, I mean, all right again, great radio. I'm sure I D whatever. That's fun. So everything go YEP, so different. So if you are actually getting the actual vaccine or whatever right now, you're not experiencing any side effects. No, good, not, no, not at all. But again, the the the for the vaccine trial I'm in. This is the traditional way that they have made vaccines for decades. Right, is the messenger, RNA.

This is I'm not going to go through the science because what they tell me, this is the traditional way that vaccines have been delivered. Right, right. Well, I'm glad you're feeling well because we still need you on the show. I don't know who. I can't have anyone else in that spot. You know you. We're all replaceable. All right. Well, that will do it. I want to remind everyone, by the way, this is our last show of the year. So I want to number one with you, Patty, a happy new year and a safe New Year, and we will see you in two thousand and twenty one for the very first show of the year. So we end the year with the last show of the year and start the year with the first show of the year. How the right bit crazy, right, you know, it's all arbitrary, just walking. You know, we have yet our friends who celebrate Chinese New Year. We get to we get to have that one. So, Yep, it's just it's just take pieces of paper turning. It means not that much, little income, last purposes. Basically, I think, is what it is, what it amongst. We got to stop and start some place exactly. It's a bookkeeping right, right, burther than anything else. Well, I also want to wish you out there very safe New Year's. There will be I don't know what's happening as far as fire wors we never got any feedback on that. But just be safe out there. Again, even though we spent half the show talking about vaccines, just know that the majority of us do not have vaccines and and people who are vaccine it probably just got their first dose. So it's not the virus is still very relevant, still very alive. So you need to be safe out there. Stick, stay physically distant, where your mask, wash your hands, do all the things that you were doing. Don't change up, don't change anything up. Don't let up the fight yet, because we still have a long way to go. We're not over that hump yet and we're we haven't even got good humped yet. So you got to maintain what you're doing and if you're considering being one of those sixty seven hundred fans seeing the buffle bills game, please reconsider. Stay home and watch the game and cheer your bills on that way. That's that. There's nothing wrong with that any that would be if they allow it and they go and it's just a freezing rain the whole time. This is not a ball game. It's not going to be joe by people right. That's the other, the other aspect of us, and I know bills fans and all kinds of weather, but it's just it's just too much going on. It's just too important to keep people safe. Yea Risk it now for something like that. Also want to reiterate for any past episodes of inside the margins, or if you just tune in and you miss this one, that's fine. You can go to inside the margins RADIOCOM and you can listen to the past, any past episodes, including this one, on the site or on iheartcom or wherever you get your podcast, and also the MINUIT report DOTNET. Make sure you visit that site take a look all the stories and also future stories, as Patty was alluding to, that may be coming up. To make sure you take advantage of the subscription option there. That will be there. You can get the paperback. You can get the actual hard copy paper version or you can get the digital version. They're both options to you and again we want to hear from you. So if you have show topics or paper topics, either way, will listen to you. You can send your suggestions or comments to editor at minority reporter Dotnet, or you can send them our way at inside the margins, just by clicking the contact button on the website or emailing me directly, which is Matt Wilson at inside the margins RADIOCOM. And also the last thing I want to mention is that this show, and all shows, for the time being at least, we are being brought to you by salvators and we want to thank salvators for that. You can go to Salvatorscom to find your nearest location and also to see all the food options that are there for you. And I've already been made aware that when I order Patti's pizza. It's going to be on cauliflower crust with no cheese, all right, and we'll load it with veggies. I like, I wiped the doll. I mean, I don't need to call it. Oh yeah, you cheese person, and you know, look at you. You stay home and watch the bills, right, we got order from there. You Go, there, you go. They deliver. Yep, everything, contact, contactless box of sealed, so you know that it's not been open. So everything's cool that way. All right, Patty, let's get out of here. I'll see you next year. All right, all right, yeah, inside the margins. Will see you next time. Do you have a topic that you would like to discussed on inside the margins? We would love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, comments or questions to inside margins at gmailcom. Inside the margins is sponsored by salvators.

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