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School Bus Driver Shortage


We talk about the school bus driver shortage in the Rochester City School District and Covid vaccines for kids 5 and up

Marginalized groups can be the target ofnegative beliefs, behaviors or judgments from others. On this show we seek out marginalizedvoices and perspectives and tackle some of the conflicts and issues these groups face. Now is the time to have your voice heard. This is inside themargins with your host, Matt Wilson. Thank you, John, and hello, this is Matt and this is inside the margins. We are back aftera short break, so happy to be back at the weather still holding up. It looks like sports are intact, but definitely a lot going on,a lot of news, a lot of local news to get into, butfirst let's take a look at some of the news that it's making headlines acrossthe country. So not sure if decurred who. Paul is making Emmy Awardhistory. On Sunday he won his eleven emmy, which set a new recordfor the most Emmy Award wins by a black entertainer. Paul's drag race beatout the amazing race the voice top chef and nailed it for the Outstanding CompetitionProgram Award. During his acceptance speech, ru Paul addressed the kids out therewatching, saying they have a tribe that is waiting for them. Michael KayWilliams is not winning up a posthumous Emmy Award. Williams was nominated for hisrole in lovecraft county but lost Sunday to the bias Mensi he's for his partin the crown. While while presenting the award, carry Washington said it wasweird speaking about Williams in past tense. She said he was a brilliantly talentedactor and a generous human being who has left US far too soon. Williamsdied two weeks ago of a suspected overdose in New York. Dr Apony Fouchiis speaking out about covid vaccine hesitancy and misinformation among people of Color, thoughshe told Roland Martin on the black information that work that wild tweets up fromrapper Nicki Minaj about the vaccine causing infancy. EPENDANCY doesn't help the vaccine push.If you haven't heard, Nicki Minaj was on twitter and also her instagramaccount saying that the vaccine was causing people to be impotent and that's why shewas against it. So Dr Fouchi is kind of talking back to that point. Here is Dr Fouchy on that subject. That's kind of a something that attractspeople attention. So therefore it spreads more on the social media, whereasa cold, correct fact doesn't have that oof to it. Now fouchy addedthat trusted sources have to flood the media in order to get the right informationout there about vaccines. President Biden phamously said facebook was killing people by allowingmisinformation on its platform. And SPACEX MISSION RETURN EARNS ITS FIRST BLACK WOMAN TOPILOT A spacecraft safely to Earth. The first all civilian space mission has returnedto Earth history, making crew member Dr C and proctor the first black womanever to serve as pilot, to serve as a pilot of a spacecraft.Talked about what it meant for her. Well, I think you know,one of the things for me that was important was to, you know,representation and being able to talk to, you know, girls of color andwomen of color about my experience and even older women. The space x inspirationfor mission was the first crop, the first crude flight to have no professionalastronauts, only for private citizens. The Dragon Space Capsule blasted off Wednesday fromCape Canaveral or bit at the Earth for three days and then splash down Saturdaynight into the Atlantic Ocean near the Florida coast. Part of the mission ofthe inspirational for flight. Part of the mission of the inspiration for flight wasto raise two hundred million dollars for the St Jude Children's Research Hospital Wisconsin.Judge is giving Kyle Rittenhouse a small win. Writtenhouse is accused of killing two menand wounding another at a protest following the shooting of Jacob Lake by Kenisiapolice officer last summer. The prosecution wanted... argue that writtenhouse was affiliated withthe white nationalist groups and believed in violent tactics of the proud boys, buta Kenisia County circuit judge said he didn't see the evidence that writtenhouse new membersof the proud boys, but he will keep the door open if a connectioncan be shown. Own and if you haven't heard, comedian Chris Rock isbattling the coronavirus. He took to twitter on Sunday to announce that he justfound out that he had the virus and, trusting his millions of followers, hesaid trust me and you don't want this, get vaccinated. Rock revealedearlier this year that he is vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson shot and signfilproducer and writer Larry Charles reported to rocks tweets saying please have a swift andmild case and a full recovery. Hurry up, we need you. OurKelly's longtime former assistant is going public following her court appearance. Diane Copeland workedfor the fifty four year old R and B Singer for sixteen years and toldGood Morning America on Friday that she did not witness any of the abuse thatprosecutors alleged, and her interview, Copeland did seek to make clear of herown experience, did not negate anyone else's experience and also denied recruiting any womanfor him. Kelly has stepfastly maintained his innocence, denying all charges that rangefrom racketeering based on kidnapping, sexual expectation of children and forced labor, amongothers. And Wendy Williams is voluntarily admitting herself to a psychiatric evaluation. Multiplereport said that the talk show host has been struggling with mental health problems.Williams test a positive for covid nineteen earlier this week, but is a senta symptomatic this forced the delay of her new season, the Wendy Williams show, and health professionals working with her say her mental health continues to improve dayby day and her covid is still under control. Role when his show wasset the premiere today, but due to the circumstances it has been pushed outto October. Fourth those are some of the headlines happening nationally. We willtake a break. When we come back we will update you with some morenews right here on inside the margins. Welcome back to inside the margins.All right. So, for one of the topics that I want to talkabout today was kids in school. Now, as a lot of parents out thereno, recently there has been a mask mandate for kids to an olderso kids in daycare and in schools pretty much all have to wear masks andfor a while there have there has not been any vaccine available for a childrentwelve or younger. So most elementary school students and also, obviously, allkids in daycarees in preschool also have to wear masks and still try to socialdistance and all that. But it looks like there is some news in regardsto vaccinations fiser says it's Covid nineteen vaccine is safe and highly effective in youngerchildren. So we get some more from CBS reporter Matt Biggler. He hasreaction from parents and vaccines skeptics around the country. Word that the FISER COVIDvaccine may soon be available for kids five to eleven comes as a relief tomany parents and grandparents like Lisa Pa Chaco, who's unvaccinated loved ones are can school. It's encouraging and I feel like now my grandkids will be have alayer of protection as well. But others, like jared Jane, have mixed feelingsabout vaccinating children under twelve. I really haven't seen any of the studiesthat show the safety or, you know, any potential long term effects. TisYour plans to apply for emergency authorization from the FDA by the end ofthe month? Matt biggler for CBS News in the San Francisco Bay area.Thank you for that, Matt. So looks like there's a possibility that avaccine four kids ages five and older will be available soon. So the question, I guess, will be how will that be received here in the area? How many people will be willing to have their kids five and older getthe shot. Now, obviously some kids, some parents, are still having troublewith masking their children and obviously a...

...shot maybe a little more difficult forchildren to take them as or maybe not right. A shot just the onetype of thing, one time thing, and after that you may feel someeffects for a day or two, but usually you come out of that relativelyokay. But again it did. These are children. Obviously parents are veryprotective of their children. So we're going to have to wait and see howthat is received now. Here's my personal opinion. If getting children vaccinated wouldhelp ease mask mandates in schools, I think that parents would be more forthat. Now, I do know. Right now, with businesses, thegovernment pretty much left it up to them. Right businesses kind of set their ownrules. Some businesses will require masks. Some businesses even required you to showproof of vaccination to enter their location. Other businesses in the area don't dothat. They still make masking optional or say as long as your vaccinated, you don't have to be masked. It's pretty much up to the businessesat this time. Obviously there are mask mandates coming down in the health area. Governor whole coal is pushing forward a mass minute. I believe that itssupposed to start around the the twenty seventh of this month, were healthcare workers, people who work in the healthcare industry will be required to be vaccinated inorder to work there, and if you do not get vaccinated as a worker, you have the potential of losing your job. Now again, that's alsoa very controversial some people are for that, so people obviously are against that.I'm sure the people who don't plan on getting vaccinated don't want to beout of work, so they are probably the ones that are pushing back atthis guess. But I always want to hear what your thoughts are. Youcan email us here at inside the margins radio. Are Inside inside margins atgmailcom, or even know our website, inside the margin radiocom just click clickon the contact US session here. Just give us your thoughts on the maskmandates, that and the vaccination mandates and what your thoughts are on that.Also your children. What do you think about that? How do you feelabout your children being vaccinated at age five or older? Is that something thatyou're worried about or is that something that you're okay with personally, I don'tknow. I mean I think I'm fine with it. I would I wouldbe happy to vaccinate my children. But again, I think the one thingthat I think is questionable for people is the whole purpose of getting vaccinated wasto ease the mask wearing right. That was the whole less a lot,a lot of the push of getting vaccine. It was, hey, once youget vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask. Turns out that'snot the case for the most part. Even if you're vaccinated, if youwant to go somewhere, you still have to wear a mask. So Ithink again, I know I said this earlier, I think if the casewere if your children got vaccinated, they would not be required to be maskedin school, I think that that would help push people to vaccinate their kids. I think trying to get people to be backcited and where masks is goingto be difficult. Again, I don't personally have an issue, but Iuse I know people are probably saying hey, one or the other, not bothor you know, I don't know. Also, I will say this too. I think getting the test, the real test is, is probablymore painful than the shot I've had to do it personally to my daught mydaughter, twice, and also she has had to have it done at thehospital couple times. Were with added doctors a couple times, and that experiencewhere that you get that thing where it touches the back of your brain,that's definitely not a pleasant experience. So I'm thinking getting the shot and maybeavoiding that all that testing may also help...

...curb push back against this vaccine.But again, I really do think if people would that people, if therewas that I say reward the end where hey, listen, if everyone inthe schools are vaccited, then maybe we can ease mask mandates. That mighthelp push the vaccine, you know, in the schools. But again,I don't know. We don't know. Well to see how this all turnsout. We'll have to see if and when FIS or does get the approvalto start vaccinting children ages five to eleven or five and older, because thevaccines obviously already available for everyone twelve and older. All right, we're takinganother break. It will right back with more news. This is inside themargins. Welcome back to inside the margin. So I'm sure everyone is aware rightnow, especially if you live in the city that there's been a issuewith the school buses for the city schools and now we had a school busshortage. Actually, bus companies in New York as made that they are fifteento twenty percent below full staffing levels, which is meant distries have had tolimit roots and lenked in the time some students are on the bus. SoI know that there are. There is an effort. There's a recruitment effortto persuade CDEL drivers to become school bus drivers and then share Kennets information withlocal districts. The effort includes using the this is according to the Democrat andchronicle. The effort includes using the State Department of Labor to reach out tounemployed drivers to try to get them back into the workforce, including working withlaw enforcement, firefighters and the military to see if train drivers want to workfor the school districts. So the state, the Department of more vehicles, plansto expedite the process for a CDL completion by removing the fourteen day waitingperiod between the permit test and the road tests. So they are trying todo a push to get more bus drivers. Now the bus driver shortage has endedup with people being late to getting home. Also, some school studentsare still forced to be remote. Not sure that I I am sure thisis definitely not the way that a lot of people want to start to schoolyour off with this kind of issue, but I don't know and trying tofigure out what why there's such a an issue with the bus drivers apparent.Obviously, pay is one thing. Pay is not the same in the cityas it is on other places. I think everyone is experiencing a bus drivershortage, not just a city. The city obviously is a bigger district thana lot of the outside districts in the more rural areas. So it's itaffects them harder because you're covering a bigger population. So certainly the impact isbeing felt more in the city than it is in a lot of other places. Also, though, there is a lot of questionable things happening when itcomes to organization there. Still, I know that they're working to get busdrivers there. It's a tough job. You got to do what the kidskids can be disrespectful. You've seen some of the videos on social media withkids fighting, fighting on the buses and parents yelling at bus drivers and allthat stuff. So it's it makes that job not as appealing as it usedto be. But I know that this push is trying to help get morebus drivers or people interested in the the occupation of being a school bus driver. So hopefully we can get that system reck to fight. Personally, Ithink for a lot of children, especially in the city, the school canbe a safe haven. It can be a way that they are that theycan get their minds off of any other problems that are happening in the householdor in around in and around the neighborhood by focusing on school and off obviously, schools a great way to learn and...

...thrive. They get just prepared forreal life. So it's important to get our kids in schools and have ourschools run efficiently and properly. So we certainly hope that this issue with thebus drivers can be rectified. Now, I mentioned earlier, and we'll getback on this subject for a real quick there are a lot of people whoare opting out of getting their vaccines when it comes to the healthcare field.Now, as I mentioned earlier, I believe it's on the September twenty onSeptember twenty seven. Many healthcare workers must get vaccinated or lose their jobs.There was a push for the religious exemption. We'll see how that goes. Iknow that there was a delay for the removing of that exemption, butI'm not sure if that's going to stay either. But a lot of peopleare nervous to do that. It's certainly I'm certainly someone who is for vaccinations. I am backsited and I think it would be best for everyone to getvaccated. I I've always said that, I think the best way, nomatter what people think, if you look at the stats, it's scientifically doesreduce the issues that you will face or the chance that you will face moresevere issues if you do get covid also does help you not get it right. So I mean do you still can you still get it if you're vaccinated. Yes, but you're less likely to get covid if you are vaccinating andif you are not vaccinated. So that helps yourself and that helps out everyoneelse. Right, if you're less likely to get it because you're vaccinated andthe other person's vaccinating, let's go to get it. Then that transmission goesdown right. So if everyone in the room is vaccinated, and makes everyoneless likely to transmit it. That means the transmission rate goes down. That'sas simple as that can put it. I know people are well, ifyou can, if you get vaccinated, you can still spread covid. SoI get texated. I'll say it one more time. If you if youwere in a room where everyone is unvaccinated, that unvaccinated population has a greater chanceof spreading covid to everyone in that room. If everyone in the roomis vaccinated, you have a you know, even though you still can spread covid, you have less chance of spreading it to your neighbor. And ifyour neighbor is also vaccinated and you're already less likely to transmit it to them, that they become even less like the transfer get to get it from youand also less more, let more or less likely to spread of somebody else. So the more people are, the more people that are vaccinated, theless likely that it is for that for Covid to be transmitted. That's whyit's a good idea to get vaccinated. It's good. It helps you out, it helps everyone else around you out, and I get the healthcare push too, because, again, people who are in hospitals or insting homes areusually the most at risk population right so we we're trying to do our bestto limit the spread of Covid to the healthcare population. The only question Iwould ask, though, is right now, for schools, that's not the caseright. Right now, for schools you have an option. You havean option to either get vaccinated or be tested on a regular basis. Nowit's I think testing is something like weekly like. So you have to gettested every week to make sure you're not you're not transmitting covid. But youhave the option. So I guess the only question I would I would ask, and again this I'm not saying don't do this or not do this.This is just a question of putting out and again, if you want toanswer this question or to share your thoughts, you can go to inside the marginsRADIOCOM. Again, inside the margins RADIOCOM, Click on the contact UStab there and share your thoughts with us.

But here's the question I pose toyou. Is it fair for one and to teach you mandate another onenot to right? Because if you think about it, right now, thehighest transmission in Covid, if you look at the stats is with the youngerpopulation. It's with kids and kids it's work covid the covers are really rising. It's rising everywhere, but with kids it's really rising. Right and yes, I mentioned earlier one of our the news that there are they are workingfive as your maybe coming out with a vaccine for kids five and older,which means elementary school students and higher will all have the chance to be vaccinated. But right now that's not the case. Right now, if you're an elementaryschool chances are you're not vaccinated because you're too young. Right. So, if you have a population where they can't be vaccinated but you're not mandatingeveryone who works there to wear a mask or sorry, to be vaccinated,is that fair to do that to the healthcare system or reverse that question?If you're going to do that to the healthcare system, should you do itto teachers? To again, I'm not saying either or. I'm I wantto hear from you your thoughts. If there's going to be a mandate forhealthcare workers, should there be a mandate for teachers? Or if there's nota vaccine mandate where everyone has to be madginated to be vaccinated for teachers.Should that same rule applied to healthcare workers? So should they should show, Iguess, to saying what's good for the goose is good for the Ganders. Should that be the case here? I'm just curious. I am curiousto hear your thoughts on that. All right, so take a break.We come back. We'll hear some final news from around the nation. Thisis inside the margins. All right, welcome back to inside the margins.A little bit more news from around the nation, as a number of rappersand athletes are joining forces to calm President Joe Biden. From marijuana reform nowfoxter teen in Salt Lake City reported Thursday, this is last Thursday, that aletter was sent to the White House addressing President Biden on Tuesday demanding thepardon of all nine, all non violent cannabis offenders currently locked up in prisonsacross the country. Utah present reform activist Weldon and Angelos signed on, alongwith a number of rappers and athletes, including Drake Meek, Bill Killer,Mike Quavo, Kodak Black, Dave East, Kevin Garnett, Dean Sanders, JulioJones and more. News comes as meek mill has been hard at workwhen it comes and making a positive change in legal system with his reform alliance, which recently charged probation laws in Virginia this summer. Now Ti and tiny, if you remember they were. They had sexual assault charges against them andit looks like they will not face criminal charges for allegedly drugging and sexually assaultinga woman in Los Angeles over fifteen, teen years ago. Teams reported lastThursday that the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office isn't moving forward, but thecase due to statute of limitations. According to prosecutecuters, the statute of limitationsexpired after ten years. And this news comes as the hip hop couple whohave denied all allegations at this time of sexual assault against them and also gotoff in Las Vegas after the statut little the statute of limitations expired there aswell. Flip there's Marquis is getting his own street in his hometown. BusinessWidow Tara Davis, announced Wednesday that his hometown of the Choke Long Island isdedicating a street to the late clown of the clown Prince of hiphop. Thepublic event will take place Saturday September twenty five. So this coming Saturday attwo PM it'll be behind the six district court. Bis Murky passed away onJuly sixteen following his batter with battle with type two diabetes. Former Minneapolis policeofficer Derek Chauvin is pleading not guilty to a two thousand and seventeen confrontation wherehe is accused of kneeling on a fourteen year old boys neck. A Chauvinis accused of depriving the teen, who was black, of his right tobe free and of an unreasonable force.

Cholvin leegedly grabbed the team by thethroat, hit him to the hit him in the head with a flashlight andthen held his knee against the boys neck while he was cuffed and not resisting. Chavin is already serving time from the murder of George Floyd, as youknow, after he knelt on Floyd's neck for around nine minutes in two thousandand twenty, killing him. Justice Justice Clarence Thomas is defending the US SupremeCourt. During a lecture at the University of Notre Dame. Thomas known thathe thinks the medium makes it seem like the members of the High Court alwaysgo right to their personal preference. He added. They think you become likea politician. The Washington Post Port Thomas also worn against destroying our institutions becausethey don't give us what we want when we want it. Justice. StephenBryer and Amy Coney Barrett also have recently spoke out in their fence against theHigh Court. The justices recently refused to take up an EMMENCITY appeal to blocka strict abortion law in Texas. To Democratic Co to Democratic Congress Room andare calling for a full investigation into how the Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy beingtreated. Wisconsin Congressman gwen Moore and Minnesota's Ehan Omar demanded answers about whether troopsat the Ford are being rude or disrespectful the refugees. The call for aninvestigation comes after a slow trickle of stories about shortages and poor conditions at FortMcCoy. Some of the thirteen thousand refugees at the fort say there's not enoughto eat and they don't have any or new or clean clothes. To where. Comedian Dave Chappelle's comedy club is moving forward in his hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio, the city's planning the city's planning commission a proved an application forthe venue earlier this week. Week and Chapelle spoke at the meeting saying hehopes the club can showcase Ohio salented people. The club will hold up to onehundred and forty people, and a star from an Atlanta reality TV showis heading to prison. Maurice Fain was sentenced to seventeen years last week inhis connection to a Ponti Scheme that lasted from two thousand and thirteen to twothousand and twenty. Investigators say he convinced people to invest in his trucking business, but he ended up using millions for his own personal benefit. Faint appearedon the show love and HIP hops Atlanta. And those are some more headlines fromaround the nation. All right, that's going to wrap it up forthis week on inside the margins. Will be back next week with some moretalk about covid schools and more issues that matter to you. Make sure youreach out to us if you did not hear what you wanted or if there'sa story that you think that we should talk about. We've been more thanhappy to cover that make sure you go. What's your inside the margins? RADIOCOM? Again, that's inside the margins. RADIOCOM. Let us know what you'rethinking. Will be happy to look into those subjects. Till next time. I'm ATT Wilson. This is inside the margins. Do you have atopic that you would like to discussed on inside the margins? We would loveto hear from you. Please send your thoughts, comments or questions to insidemargins at gmailcom.

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