Inside the Margins
Inside the Margins

Episode · 1 year ago

Back to School?


We discuss what the pending school year may look like. We also talk COVID mandates, and the Composting initiative in the City. 

Marginalized groups can be the target of negative beliefs, behaviors or judgments from others. On this show we seek out marginalized voices and perspectives and tackle some of the conflicts and issues these groups face. Now is the time to have your voice heard. This is inside the margins with your host, Matt Wilson. We hello, welcome to another edition of inside the margins. I'm your host, Matt Wilson, and has been certainly some crazy things happen in this past week. A lot of things with covid and leadership. A lot of news happened. That I mean very big stories happened, and we're going to talk about things that are more centralized to your community. So I'm sure everyone has heard about the whole quomo thing. We're going to kind of leave that one alone. If you want to follow that, obviously there's you have plenty of opportunities to follow any assortment of media outlets. Everyone's all over that story. So that one is a big story. That's that involves more things that we have resources to look in through. So well, let you follow that one on your own. What we are going to talk about, though, as we do want to talk about schools, because we know that's important. Everyone's schools are going to be opening up relatively soon and everyone's kind of worried. So what's going to happen? Are we going to be back to the whole work from the schools, from home? Are we going to be able to have the kids in schools who's and make these decisions? We're going to talk about that. Also. This variant is making covid another an issue once again. We kind of thought, a lot of people thought we may have gotten over that hill, but the he'll just got higher. So it looks like Covid is going to be as an issue when a lot of other stores and other locations are reissuing mask mandates. Will talk about that as well. There is a composting initiative in the city. We're also going to hit on that, and also the violence summit. We're going to talk about all that. But before we get into all of those topics, let me first bring in a person who tries to keep me sane through all these cadic times, is the minority reporters, patty singer. Hello and good afternoon to you, Patty. Hi, Matt Boy, that's a Thanksgiving dinner again. It's a plate is just pile high. It is always pile high every time we get we get together on these Mondays, Patty, it looks like there's always too much for us to to get at. But will we will do our best with this. So, Patty, as you heard me just talk about, there's a obviously a ton of things happening in and out of the city, but we're going to say we're going to kind of stay focused in the city, in the community here. So the first thing I want to talk about is schools. So could because that's a big question mark for a lot of people. A lot of people, including myself, have kids that will be our in or will be going to school. A lot of kids missed a lot of school last year as far as real in person classes. A lot of students missed out on that because of COVID. A lot of homeschooling was done, or are learning the distance, distance learning issue would say, was done. So everyone was excited pat it because this was supposed to be the big return to the schools. Right. This is supposed to be we're finally at a stick, at a place where we can send everyone back to schools. But who knows? Now the state was going to content. Last time the state kind of gave us direction as to what we had to do in order to have kids in school or not in school. Now looks like it's going to be up to every local community. So what are you hearing in regards to that? Well, I my guess is that this week is going to be a big week on that. Yeah, because that came down what middle end of like Wednesday, Thursday, but last week, you're right. So not enough time for people, though, given we're going to talk about the governor. But I'm wondering how much this is reflective of the fact that the governor has he's talked about Thanksgiving dinner for us. So there's got a lot going on, he does. So I'm wondering. This is just me speculating, no basis in anything other than me just, you know, wondering. Right, had all of that not happened, would would there be more time for that? And I'm not saying it's not necessary. Being soloft off on county's a county like Monroe has a large, robust department of Public Health with a commissioner of public health. Right, right. So a county like Monroe and and the commissioner a couple weeks ago at a news conference, was asked about guidance from the state. At the time he said words to the effect that he hoped that districts would have some latitude within the state what the state was prescribing or suggesting. He was hoping that the district would have a little bit of latitude. Right. So now, I mean I wish there was a news co conference last week because I would have asked him. Okay,...

...kind of got a lot of latitude now, don't you doctor? Right, because there's no there doesn't seem to be any boundaries right from from the state aspect of this. So what I wonder and I send a note to Dr Mendoz's person on Friday saying what's up? You know, he'll be working with school districts. Will have something to say next week, which was this week. I sent back a note saying any particular day I should leave open. Didn't have it, you know, didn't. Didn't get a response on that one. Right, so, so, but okay, the city did not do what the other what the rest of the districts last year, which was reopened, really right? So I don't know that he can come up with a one size fits all. I don't know if it's going to be a patch work. I don't know if again, I just don't know what's Brighton's plan going to be. How is that going to be different from Greece's plan? What would be different from PITTSFORD's plan? Will the county come up with a with say they come up with a five point plan? And again, folks, at this point there is no plan. Three o'clock on Monday, we don't know three o'clock on Tuesday. I may sound like an idiot, I may sound like a genius, I've no idea. So, you know, look like I'll be given a lottery numbers later in the week if if I nail this one right. You know, O, they're going to be five points. These are these are what we're going to suggest that you do. Within these five points, you have two or three options. Kind of thing. The city, you know, the superintendent kept the doors basically closed. I mean that the you you could come back it. Did they but it reopen later then then others did. It was a more phased in approach than what other districts had done. A lot of concern about at the time. Would city enough city residents be vaccinated. I think those concerns could be the same thing, because they're still is a big push on to get vaccines into some cities of Codes and census tracks the county as at that. At the end of last week the county for people eighteen and older, which again not necessarily school age, was about seventy four percent. With at least one dose for everybody eligible. It was about little over sixty percent. Okay, have one goes, but there are some city zip codes where you've got forty percent right, that's true. You're good in the low fifty percents. So and if you have a variant that is that is more people experts are saying is more contagious. Even if you are vaccinated, some carrious still could put you out. You still could test positive for this. We don't know what you're you know what you're the course of your illness is going to be. Look at I have the easy job here. I sit and I sit in comment on people's decisions. I have no idea how they make decisions. This is this is truly I mean people aren't paid enough. Ye Know, I think all the money that a short stop who hits to thirty gets. All those millions of dollars should go to the people who need to make these decisions, because there is not enough money in the world for these people making these decisions where the health of their community is at stake and the future of their kids is it's right. Those are two big things in your right someone, no matter what decisions are going to be made, someone's gonna be mad. We so, she so. We have to expect that and you're right. It's really hard because it's not. I think you said it perfectly. I don't think it's a one size fits all, because you are absolutely correct. Every there are there are different packages in the community where the numbers are different. There is so it's not that something. Some places are doing relatively well, some places not so well. So I guess my thought process is this, and again I don't know how far along we are with this, patty, but I think vaccinations, especially if we come, if we are able to get younger kids vaccinated relatively soon, that will perhaps ease minds for a lot of people, because you're right, it's not going to change if that with this vary is as we're hearing. If you get it, if you're vaccine that you could still get it. But what the thought process is is if you're vaccinated, your symptoms wouldn't be as severe if you were unvaccinated. So you may have much milder thing. You make it a little sick but not terribly sick if you're vaccine versus if you're undaccate. You could. You don't know how bad it's going to be for you if you're on that UN daccing it. So my thought process is if they are able to get the younger kids vaccinated, the school age kids vaccinated, that people's will feel more at ease because even if the kids do get sick, they should be able to recover relatively well because they're vaccinated. Well, OK, so I I guess the question I have on that is if in some areas, some rural areas, in some city areas, there has been far more many residents have...

...been much slower than in that they're very urban communities to get the vaccine, very open, suburban, urban and rural. Right. Yep, so now you're talking about a vaccine that hasn't been tested as rigorously on young people as it was in adults. Don't forget there was test of the Johnson and Johnson. It was test of modern it. That was testify Zo's test of asters AENNICA, which I had, which still hasn't been approve you know, hasn't been authorized by the FDA. But I'm now considered. You know, I'm good to go in a sense of it's been don't you've been used. You know the rest of the places in the world. Right. So the CDC is recognizing that. But my point is people, adults who have been reluctant to vaccinate themselves to get themselves vaccinated. What is their approach to get their eight year old accent? That's a very good question. Pattie, is extreme. That's one thing for measles, you know, the MLR or something that's been around for decades. Polio, I mean we've had that, but this is new in people have said it's new, I want to wait till it's FDA approved. Okay, you're you're twenty, fifty, sixty. You may have been a little bit reluctant. What about for your child, a grandchild? I don't know the answer to that. Yeah, no, that. But if we're saying that, and there was saying, Oh, we can get kids vaccually, they'll be back in school if you're in the same areas that have were were slow to embrace vaccine before, will they be any quicker to embrace vaccine now? That's a very valid question, I guess. Again, I can only I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but I do know that some people have had issues with work when the kids are at home because obviously someone's got to be home to watch the kids. It's right. So I guess you could. Again, I'm not a I don't do marketing either, but it's not my thing. But I guess the way that maybe you could use that two pushes. Hey, you know, if your kids not vaccinated and your kid can't go to school, that means your kids going to have to be home and that means someone's probably going to have to be home with the kid, your kid. So if you want to make it to where your kid can be at school so you can be at work and everyone can do what they got to do, the best way to do that would be to get your your child vaccinate. But you make a point that you make is so valid as if you are older person, and I'm not saying like senior older, I'm saying older as in two, forty, fifty and you yourself have been reluctant to get back in or you're still not vaccinated yourself. How hard is it going to be to convince that person to get their child vaccinated? That's going to be that's going to be a very, very high mountain to try to climb. Right. And these vaccines are different. This vaccine is a little different from the one that you need to have your child have to go to school. Right, which oftener given to get birth, you know? You know, or the series of immunizations as your as your child goes from first infancy to toddlehood to, you know, to childhood? Right, kind of thing this is. This is a whole different volume. So I don't know. Short answer that does me. That makes two US, Patty, but I do know many parents, including myself, are a little a little word because again, school is now that we are in August, school is right around the corner. It's not that it's not that far away. So the fact the fact that it was it just pretty much last week the state said that we're not actually going to we're not going to give advice or try to. You know, that's a kind of I know a lot of a lot of organizations wish to state. Would have said that earlier so they would have more time to try to make some preparations. But here we are. We have a few more schools a few weeks out. It's time to make see what our local officials are going to decide on how they're going to do this. What I'm going to do, Patty, is this kind of goes in with our next topic, which is the actual rise in covid and how now a lot of stores and organizations who were the first ones to open up fully are the first ones to reinstate the mask mandates because covid is beginning to get relatively serious again. So we're going to we're going to talk, we work. We could still tie in the schools with this, but I want to bring in the actual covid discussion into this now. But look, let's take a quick break and we will combine the two. Let's let's go ahead talk about what is going on with covid and why this is happening and why the schools are now having some tough, tough decisions. We'll talk of all that next. On inside the margins. Money Ain't never been all, you know, you gotta get it. You know you...

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So the wait have not said to get it. We man. It's money ain't never been. Gotta get it. You know you gotta get it. It ain't never been. You gotta get it. You know you gotta get it. All right, we'll come back to you inside the margins. I'm here with Patty and Patty. You know, the funny thing is you and I were talking about in our last few shows about how both of us still wear our mask for the most part when we go into like grocery stores or public into our places we have. This is even after mask, the mass mandate was lifted and you were able to go on mask wherever you want to go. You and I both decided that we were still probably going to wear a mask for the multipart when we go into public paces, but we're outside, we tend to not wear the mask. And guess what looks like there. Is a good thing we were doing that, because it looks like this very end of covid is a as a problem, as a big problem, so much so that a lot of stores and organizations are going back to such that and that in that method. Right there, I got an email from the daycare that my kids go to. You, they lifted the mask requirement a few months back and now they have reinstated that mass mandate. So whether you are vaccinated or not, if you are walking the halls of the building, you need to wear a mask. I also know that Costco and also Walmart have re res it their mask mandates. So vaccine or not, you need to wear a mask when you go into those stores. So looks like, Patty, we were ahead of the game there that that was something that we kind of figured that this might be an issue. And guess what it is, don't you sometimes hate it when you're right. Sometimes it's nice to be right. This is not one of those. It's not nice you're right, right, but yeah, it's so. Yeah, so it's a problem. It looks like the the hostels are being filled up again. So I know earlier on, I know a lot of people are saying that this is this is a problem, that's this is an outbreak of the unvaccinated, some people are saying right. So people are saying this is becoming an issue for those who are unvaccinated. But it looks like it's an issue for a lot of us, even those who are vaccinated are getting this variant of covid now gay,... I said earlier, so far, for the most part of what I've heard, and I haven't heard all obviously I've heard all the cases, but for the most part of what I've heard, the people who are vaccinated, who have gotten, who have gotten covid or this new Varono Covid, haven't been, you know, sick to the point where they had to be hospitalized for the most part. For the most part, those are on the hospitals are the ones who are unvaccinated. But still the fact remains, as and as you said, you said earlier, if you are a person who's vaccinated and you have children your house, you can come home with that variant and give it to your unvaccinated child and that's that's a problem in itself. So this as we said before, that you know that covid was not going away. Now only did it not go away, patty, it's now becoming a problem once again where things people are guessed. Are Beginning to fear that are shutdowns in the future. What's going to happen? All right, so it's so as of I think it was Friday afternoon, the seven day positive rate, will of the number of cases it was, number of tests or positive, was two point nine percent. So it has not been in May. I mean I have on like unofficial tally. Right, I may seventeen, it was three point two percent and then it started coming down since then. So we're talking in the middle of May. So Quick Arithmetic. Was that three four months? Yeah, it's also we're in to some extent now. The number of new cases during that time was. It was well in the want was well over one hundred. We didn't start getting down into double consistent double digit new cases until May. The end of May, beginning of June we started consistently being in the you know, S S S S of new of new cases. Right, and then the county started going to weekly, weekly counts. It was hard to know what you had. You know, over the course of the day they tell you there were three hundred se my cases for a week. Do the math right, if you wanted to buy seven and you could get an average. But so we it appears by my unofficial arithmetic that we're back where we were in May. Yeah, Yep. Now, so the again in May, the seven day rolling rate, because we were having so many cases, was, you know, in the in the two hundreds. We're not there. No, we're not there yet. But okay, I'm bad at calculations. I say that up front. But if you've got a seven day positive rate of in the High Two's and you've got a seven day rolling average of two hundred new cases, are you is it? You're testing a lot of people. This was the argument way back when. While you people who have high positive rates of they testing a lot of people. The more people you test, the fewer positives you may find. I mean they've all that doing stuff with statistics. So the seven day average of posted as a Friday, because these things take excuse me, actually posted as of Wednesday. He seems to take a while. Yes, they do do it with sixty five. All right. So in the middle of last week the seven day average of new cases was sixty five. The positive rate was two nine percent. The dashboard used to say how many, how many people were tested that day. Over time they have changed with this dashboard looks like, and that is now harder to find. You got to go through a bunch of layers of things, I think, to find out. It used to be very obvious how many tests, how many were positive. So they're doing their presenting information differently, so it makes it a little harder to find that. So I don't know. I know that testing sites. There are fewer testing sites I and I don't know if there were. How many people are being tested. I went a couple weeks ago just because I was wondering. Was it allergies? Was At covid and I'm vaccinated right so I just I went and actually at the site I went to in Greece, I was there right at the beginning of it and I thought one of the workers goes, well, a lot of people here and they would maybe eight or ten people in the parking lot. Wow, hadn't? They hadn't expected that. But well, we a lot of people here right now. So our people also going to start clamoring again for tests they got. It's going to be more interested testing than there's going to be a vaccine right now. I don't know. Yeah, yeah, you're right, like what's that's a question I can say from Mendoza when he has his news conference this week. Now. You're right. So I think this is the reason why this is concerning. Is Won't let's let's go ahead and tie it back to the schools. I think obviously the infection rate in the transmissionate of this variant or and I know some of the the CC sitting that there could be other variants on...

...the way as well. So that's another possibility. If the infectional rate continues to raise, or to use a rise, that certainly can can affect on how school is going to look, and we're still trending up right now and school again is not that far away. So we have to understand what's happening with cold it and get that trend back down if we want to successfully bring our kids back into the school, because it's going to be hard to make an argument to bring the school, the kids into school if covid numbers continue to rise the way they have. Well, you sound like Adam Bellow and Mike Mendoza. Okay, that's what they said previous news conference and there I you know, you can write them that script, because that's what we're going to be hearing this week, next week, the week after is people. And don't forget, there's a lag time on the vaccinations. Yep, right, so you go and then you go, depending on what you have, you go three or four weeks later and then it's two weeks after that the right where your where you have, you know, peak community. So we're talking six weeks. Cheese. Yeah, right, five or six weeks. Right, you go three or four weeks between, depending on which shot you get. I forget which is three in which is for even if you get the Jay and j one dose, is still two weeks after that, right. So we're talking anywhere between three and six weeks for you to become for this to kick in, for it to work the way it's. Six weeks is school. School has already opened and school that is that is correct. We're in the second week of school in six weeks, right. Right. So, yeah, it's just that. That's why this, that's why I think, if you're again, it's I've long thought this, Patty. I don't know how you feel, and I think that we've gotten close to that point where the people who want to get vaccinated have done so and the people who don't want to be pretty much decide they're not going to. But this is a this right here is kind of, I don't want to say your come to Jesus moment go, but but this is this is the this is what you have to realize. If you decide that you don't want to do things to take precautions to get these numbers down, you're going to have the repercussions to pay for for not doing that, which could be things like, okay, the numbers keep going up, we can't do school, or we can't do all these things that we're going to happen, the festivals, the fairs, the all the cool the all the cool things that we're already being planning horizons, the concerts, you know, football's coming back soon. Write all that stuff that that was going to happen may look different if we do not get this thing under control, if you don't going to control all the things that we're going to be open finally for the first time and year and a half or however long is they've not been doing it may not happen. So we have to we have to think about that if you want to get back to normal, which is everyone's been saying that for a year plus. Right. I want things to go back to normal. Things can't go back to normal if the numbers keep going to up. Its just not it's not going to happen. Things will things. If things get worse, the conditions of life will get worse. Looks like. I mean, what do you want your Thanksgiving to look like? Right? I mean just it's so fun if you wanted to look like last year, knock yourself out. The issue, though, because comes man, I've had this conversation. I think you and I've had this conversation. I've had it with other people. Not to be a put a Dystopian spin on it, but I think covid is an example of the breakdown of our society. Yeah, because I you know, and you can and I had this conversation with somebody and you can have you can make a show of a grand gesture of yes, I help other people and I give to charities and I contribute and you know. But if what are you really willing to do for your neighbor, for your fellow person that also benefits you? I mean this isn't total altruism here. If you get the Vac you've got a vaccine, you protect yourself, right, you also protect other people. So what kind of regard do we have for other people, or disregard do we have for other people that we won't wear a mask in a grocery store? We will look down our nose at a person who wears a mask in a grocery store. We will say I'm not taking a vaccine because of some weird conspiracy theory and not realize that there are going to be ramifications of this that will come back and affect us. Okay, I don't have any kids in school. Why do I care about a vaccine? I kids, I don't care open the schools. Are Not open to schools. But that decision is going to have a ripple effect on everything else. I want to do right. Well said, well said, and I think and I will. I will say I know you and I both try very hard on this program to not play politics. We don't want to give a democratic or Republican or any type of spin on anything that we talked about.

We just want to present you with information and I think that's how you should approach this. You should not approach this with any political viewpoint. You should just look at the numbers, look at the success rate of the vaccines, look at how it's helped and then make your decision based on that, not based on what a friend as told you or some theory or whatever. It should be based on strict facts and what we that's what we want you from information understanding, right, Patty, that's what we're trying to do here. That's what we're doing. Yeah, we're not trying to pull you in any direction. We just want you to know what the truth is. If the numbers simple, these are the simple facts that I can't make it any simpler for you. If covid does not get better, if the numbers continue to rise, a lot of the things that you were looking forward to do may not happen. That's that's all. That's the I cannot be any clearer than that. Exactly right. Yep, all right, Patty, I think we have made our point on that one. Let's go moving. All right, let's go ahead and take a break. You know what you were I know you were talking. You were giving me, an in some interesting information regarding to that pope, that composting deal that was happening to let's go and talk about that after this break. Okay, okay, all right, this is inside the margins. We will right back. When you hear it, make it head, Mike on a Mike. I make your head. When you hear it, make it headcuse with Mike on a Mike, I make it head. All my dogs eating. That's the pedigree middle finger and still in the recipe until you fabricated wrappers killing hip hop. I'll keep the MIC alive. No thick recorry. Second Lee, don't never dis me. That's a bad look. That's how you get your noodle fry like a bad cook. thiggers bring you inhale. When I fall and I hold the him, I put the nail and I'm off and hit me for your dead homies. You for all the horn. If it ain't enough, dark sin more your wit. Lord, since you'll never fit the shoes that I've worn all day, I've let my soul speak like a pair of worn out jee's. I'm checking. That's get o King seems stronger than my weeks record. A ratchet fasting. That's a mean clip. Shall put the stars and fall to your death either you affect your cause and cost the affect that head. When you hear it, make it head on. I Mike. I make your head. When you hear it, make it head that because with light on a Mike, I make it head. This goes out to those that choose to use disrespectful views on the guard from the Rock, claiming that you, on this spot, don't get dropped with number one would a bullet. Don't get shot, my mind. Let the nine fire get it. Don't get unless I gotta spit. Daddy supposes its softy from the image to the doory. Got Me Ticks like your fake Rolex washing up chicken. I'm too wise before under in the Yak and makes Metal Block and your third out on it. Falk in it. I can't feel you. If you ain't putting your heart and it hand spell hot if you ain't put in your hog in it, and people plot on anybody that be often it that got me running with the stick. That's lacross fitness, chuck with the stars, a fall to your death. Either you upstep the cause and cost the effect. Got The head Nice when you hear it. Make It head on. Like it head when you hear it. Make it head because what might on a Mike. I make it head. You break your face in the neighbor Shaan price disrespect and get hit with lad pikes fitting fishes Bart to feedback. Grabbed Dragon Balls Away Shan peeback and count you in your face. Rap Me lead that, y'all. Love is sweet Brath, but can hold through your hat rack. I shine in the brutal light style. Let him seeing for me catch the black death. Like your opinion. It's not a DISP in my head like the EXCIS your mom to hell. Hold down weapon, need to leave the weapon sending the dirty Bo did give you and infection. The murder be anybody want to...

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...with your scraps. Very good point, right, you know. So, so what are you? How are you trying to get this into all neighborhoods? Because, again, it's side of a societal thing. If you care about climate change, you want to do what you can. This is a relatively it's a relatively low individual investment and right trying to help climate change. Oh, if I compost my table scraps and you do yours and everybody on my street, does you know how much we keeping on of the landfill it? It's definitely a cumulative effect for this. Sure, but is this the kind of program which only applies to people who, you know, can afford to buy organics or, you know, can afford to or have the time or the ability to take their stuff to a dropoff point? Yes, I have a colleague of a colleague who said he'd be very interested in doing this, but he lives in an apartment and he has to take the bus right and so he he can't go cross town for this. Now, to understand the city's point of view on this, it's a pilot program they're looking for a thousand families to start to go a year with this. They want to expand collection points. They'd like to in the next few months, have collection points in all four quadrants to make it easier for people to drop off and it would also give them a more representative sample of where people were composting. Right right the composing used in one thou six hundred and seven and not on one four hundred and sixty two one, because one six hundred seven is closer to the dropoff point and more people have cars. You know, I don't know, but we but we again, society. We all have a stake in climate change. How do we make it? How do we eliminate the barriers to doing something that is very low? I'm going to say risk. It's not, but you know, we don't. It's low investment for the individual rights. I don't have to have a backyard compost pile. I have to go out and turn it, I don't have to build it around so the raccoons and stuff don't get into it. You make it easier for them. participle way to do it, but how do we make it simple for everybody? Kind of like how do we make getting healthy food simple for everybody, which which reminds me, this is also part of the city's kind of food plan, right, you know, making sure that they're that people can do that, that there is equitable access to healthy food. The city also is going to have a program to reduce food waste as well. This is part of the food waste reduction program. So the city is concerned about your food, which is I guess that's a good thing. Why you get it, how nutritious it is, that you don't waste it and that your scraps go to a good to a good home, in a sense. So, and this is important for everybody in all quadrants of the city, regardless of your income level. You you I can't say you should, then I'm shooting all over you. It would be nice if people cared about this throughout the continuum. Yep, see that. The cool thing about you, Patty, is the points that I want to make. You already make them. Pretty sorry, okay, you're so, they'll be quiet. They'll be silence now, as Mattu Grad radio again. Sorry, no, because you're good at what you do. So and that's that's fine. No, but that you said you said everything I was going to say. I think that the problem with the the inner city is sometimes it's difficult to participate these because of the reasons that you outline already, the fact that people, especially if you're lower income, it's harder to make the effort financially and also just the time if your time is already being taken, you know, trying to secure your income and watching children or just taking care of the household in general. So it's got it. You have to do it in a way where it's very convenient for people to particular to partake or participate in these programs. And you're right. It's if it's further away or if it costs a little too much, you're you're less likely to want to get involved. It's got to be relatively not a huge ask for people to pros to participate these things, and you're right, there are going to be people who who have the time or who are well more well off, who can afford to drive where they have to drive or do whatever, who will happily take part of this. But people who don't have those means, it makes it more difficult for them to get involved with these kind of programs. I think it's a great program I think it's a great idea. I think I think trying to make healthy eating, because I know obesie especially and marginalized communities is a problem. So trying to get healthier foods and make that accessible to to these communities and also give a way to make sure we dispose of the foods that we did not eat.

You know, your unused portions go to help the environment versus hurt the environment. I think all these are great initiatives, but you make that the point unique is very, very valid. It's just it's got to be done in a way where it's not an inconvenience or a hardship for people to participate into. Right, so that this probate pilot programs free. I'm assuming that throughout this it would be free even afterwards, but that's an assumption. So I don't know right. But this is free. If people are interested, as as of a week or so, we'll go. I think they had a maybe two hundred slots still available. Okay, you can call three one and they one. One should city residents should they one should have the information for you about how to get involved in rock city compost and but I said, I think that's awesome. It's unfortunately I live outside of the city or I would myself jump on this because it's great. But yeah, I think every time I get bad at my kids when they wete stuff. So it's so so, yeah, this is this is this is definitely a great way to give back. And whether you whether you believe, I know again, climate change. Climate change is also something that's been politicized. So doesn't really matter what you believe. You do know how plants and and and vegetation exist, right. They usually use the compost or the things that are decomposing to as fuel for them to grow into into and to be alive. So as long as you know that, you know that you're helping there is by doing this, right, so it would, regardless of what you think of Planet Changer what not, you know that this is actually helping to give a life to other vegetation, and so this is a good thing in my opinion. Well, and it's also very cool because what it is is there, this is being shipped to a worm farm, right, oh, that's all. Unlike unlike backyard compost, right, where you can just put what they call like like Greens and Browns Yep, you know your lawn stuff and then let us and things like that. This will take and put meat and some bones, not fat, but but not like a not like a large kind of thing. But you know this, the leftover chicken on the bone, right, which would have fat, a little bit of fat, but protein and bones, because they're taking this to a worm farm. The worms will do their thing and basically you'll get warm poop. And so what they're trying to figure out is how then, for people who want a garden, how they can get the compost back to the people who have contributed. Right. So, yeah, maybe I may get a bucket of WORMPOOP for my garden next year. But anyway, so it's flaming kids, right, it's like poop. Absolutely they do, and it's kind of worms of warm. Trust me, my kids will love this. They're absolutely correct. All right, Patty. Well, wet, there's I know we had more tops that we have to cover today, but again it just seems to happen to US almost every week, patty, where we kind of run out of time and we don't ever have to cover everything we want to talk about. But before we run away from you that, a few things I want to mention, as Patty was talking about, the compost, your story is available on the minority reporters website and also in the publication, and that's why things like that are really cool and you can find a lot of stories like that in the in the minority reporter. So if you want to check that out, go to minority reporter dotnet again. Minority reporter Dotnet a bunch of cool stories like that that are important to you and your community. Also, if you do want to subscribe, the option is there. You can get the hard copy or the digital copy. It's right there. I am a subscriber, so I get to read about all these cool stories and I know you would like to do that too. So why don't you go and take advantage of that opportunity to subscribe to the minority reporter again, minority reporter dotnet also really, really important. You can hear a bunch of stories about a bunch of things anywhere, but we want to do stories and they want to do stories that are important to you. So if you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, compliments, whatever you want to do, you can send those to editor at minuter reporter Dott again ast editor at minority reporter Dotnet. Have Your Voice heard, have your opinions acknowledged. Go ahead and send an email to that address and also you can send your question of comments to us here at inside the margins by going to our website, which is inside the margins RADIOCOM. There's a contact US section there. You can ask us any questions or whatever you want. We'd love to hear from you as well. And if you just tuning in, come on Monday three o'clock. You should have this on your calendar. You should know we're coming on three o'clock on Monday. So that's all right. It's all right that. We'll let you pass. You get a slide from us this week, but make sure you tune in to us next week at three o'clock. But if you missed this show and you want to hear what happened, why don't you go ahead and go to you inside the margins Radiocom, you can listen to this episode and all the episodes and it's entirety.

You can also find us on iheartcom and wherever you get your podcast. All right, Patty, we did it again. We survived another Monday. What do you say? We come back and do this again next week? Well, no promises, but we'll see what we can do. That's you know what, I'll put it in my calendar. I'll put it in my calendar so I won't miss the three strong. Right write down three o'clock on Monday for Patty Singer. This is Matt Wilson in this has been inside the margins and we will see you next week. Do you have a topic that you would like to discussed on inside the margins? We would love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts, comments or questions to inside margins at gmailcom.

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